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By considering why features were needed by HR Departments rather than just adding them without thought, Cascade have developed a HR solution which actually works in the real world.

Cascade’s Core HR solution is a powerful, proactive and dynamic solution that offers a huge amount of standard functionality. As you log into the system you are presented with a user specific dashboard which provides you with the key information that is relevant to you on a daily basis. This may include team attendance, workflow tasks or even company wide information; plus the level of access can be controlled.

Say hello to your dashboard…

HR Software Dashboard

Your system, your screens, your processes

Comprehensive employee records are supported by our unique System Designer feature which ensures you record the data you want in the format you want it;by allowing you to add unlimited new fields, configure existing fields and even create new screens and import data from Excel. By ensuring you record the data you need, how you need it, we guarantee the success of Workflow and Analysis features of the system as we guarantee accuracy of data.

Key features

We think that the core HR solution should include key features such as attendance, holiday planners, absence management, organisational charts, organisational explorer and a whole host of other features. This means that even without optional modules Cascade HR provides a comprehensive and powerful management tool for any HR team.

“Cascade has allowed us to adopt a truly professional approach to our HR function. It is efficient, easy to use and overall a great investment”

Helen Ratcliffe, Head of Human Resources, Allford Hall Monaghan Morris Limited

Some examples of standard functionality in Cascade HR

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