HR Software Buyer’s Guide

A Best-Practice Guide to Sourcing, Selecting and Buying HR Software

An independent guide to help you find the right product for you

You know you need an intelligent HR, and possibly Payroll, software product, but do other departments in the business acknowledge the benefits of new technology? Are you likely to source the system you want but fail at the final hurdle when seeking budget sign off?

Are you more likely to get the system you want if you can demonstrate that you’ve thoroughly researched the marketplace, identified benefits to your business and pinpointed the greatest possible return on investment?

In this helpful advice-led resource, Randstad’s HR Director, Graham Trevor, shares his experience of researching the software marketplace, short-listing potentially suitable vendors and purchasing the chosen solution. While every company scenario and procurement process will be different, this best-practice guide includes checklists designed to help fellow HR professionals achieve the most value-adding outcome from the buying process.


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