Punter Southall Group – HR and Payroll Software Case Study

Sometimes there’s a need to think outside the box…. Punter Southall Group was keen to work closely with Cascade HR to achieve an HR solution that would fit with the company’s exact requirements.

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The Challenge

  • Punter Southall Group is made up of several companies working in the financial services sector
  • The group employs around 700 predominantly professional staff across 11 locations throughout the UK
  • They identified a need for greater functionality from their HR system, and had specific requirements which , at the time, were beyond the remit of the existing Cascade technology
  • It was imperative that the workforce did not experience any downtime as a result of any system changes.

The Solution

  • Cascade’s fully integrated HR and Payroll Software, with the development of new functionality to satisfy the newly-identified needs of Punter Southall Group
  • Punter Southall Group became a beta test site, with two systems running in parallel to ensure no disruption to the business
  • Online Payslips saved the company approximately four man hours a month in addition to cutting postage and print costs, and better protecting the environment
  • Integration of the Training Module has reduced administrative processes by 40%
  • System designer and Workflow now help to manage and monitor best-practice HR processes.

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About the Punter Southall Group

Punter Southall Group is made up of several companies working in the financial services sector.
The group’s main business is the provision of actuarial and pension administration advice, plus employee benefits and investment consultancy to clients and high net worth individuals. The group employs around 700 predominantly professional staff across 11 locations throughout the UK.

Summary – Pre Cascade

Before implementing the latest Cascade .NET product, Punter Southall Group was using a Cascade legacy product called Sense. The implementation project was progressing very slowly, predominantly due to a lack of ownership – nobody driving the project forward.

The Challenge

Given Punter Southall Group had not fully thought about what they wanted the HR project to achieve, there were a number of gaps in the data stored within the current system.

So, one of the first things the client did was to meet with Cascade HR’s Client Services Director, Heather Vitty, to discuss what they wanted from the solution.

Keen to provide as much assistance as possible, Heather helped Punter Southall Group put some structure to their ideas and was very open in terms of what they could or could not achieve with the legacy product they had. It became clear that the existing solution was not able to provide some of the desired functionality, so the development of a new product was discussed. As conversations evolved, this led to Punter Southall Group becoming a beta test site for Cascade.

The Project

The project kicked off in late March 2006. So that Punter Southall Group could test their own recognisable and current data, Cascade’s developers took an extract and loaded it into the Beta software.

The plan was to run the beta test site in parallel with the current system so end users would not suffer any downtime or be aware of any changes going on in the background. To ensure minimal disruption to Punter Southall Group, it was key that the two systems would give the same answers to any reports or queries.

Comprehensive training was provided, to ensure the team fully understood how to utilise any software’s new functionality to best effect.

Punter Southall Group was also asked to try and ‘break’ the new system by whatever way possible, to check the robustness of every screen and every button. The organisation failed to do this and the system was found to be completely stable.

Once Punter Southall Group and Cascade were comfortable that everything was working a go live date was agreed.

The company informed all staff of the transition and, on the agreed day, the system was switched over and rolled out with no problems occurring.

Throughout this whole process Cascade’s Client Services Director was on site and the developers on standby to ensure any required fix was actioned ASAP. In truth this proved unnecessary as no issues arose.

The Solution

In addition to the Core HR module, Punter Southall Group has also benefitted from Cascade’s fully-integrated Payroll module. Thanks to the Online Payslips feature, the organisation has saved approximately four man hours a month, whilst cutting postage and print costs, and better protecting the environment.

The company has since also benefited from System Designer, the Workflow tool, and Training & Development.
Read the full case study here.

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