Saint Andrews Hospice – HR and Payroll Software Case Study

Cascade’s configurable HR and Payroll software suited the complexities of a workforce comprising of paid staff and volunteers, who were the backbone of Saint Andrews Hospice.

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The Challenge

  • A charity with a workforce of 152 paid staff and 577 volunteers, committed to the care of those who have a progressive life limiting illness
  • The need for a centralised HR system to consolidate personnel information, eliminate repetitive data entry and reduce potential errors
  • Support of a HR Software solutions company to give guidance on collating and migrating data
  • A solution which offered a significant return on investment.

The Solution

  • A HR product that was clearly flexible, highly customisable and could be easily adapted to a user’s requirements
  • A modular HR Software product allowing the client to choose additional modules such as workflow, self service and recruitment,with the option to add more in future
  • A comprehensive reporting tool proven to drastically reduce administration
  • A professional project management team to guide the HR team through the implementation process.

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Read Saint Andrews Hospice’s full story in our case study.


St Andrews Hospice cares for people of all ages who have a progressive life limiting illness and require palliative care. All services and facilities are provided free of charge to patients and their families.

In total, the hospice and children’s hospices employ about 152 paid staff and 577 volunteers who give their time freely to help deliver the care services. This is why it’s important for the HR department to show the same level of dedication to their employees.

Prior to Saint Andrews Hospice implementing the new HR Software, the procedures within the department were manual and time consuming, management information was difficult to collate and even simple data tasks were cumbersome to complete. There were concerns regarding the quality of the data that they had to work with and even when they produced reports they were not 100% confident with the accuracy of the information it represented.

As a hospice funded purely from community donations, spending a substantial amount of money on a new system was something that would have to be considered carefully. After much discussion about the benefits that could be realised, the board of directors were happy for a feasibility study to be undertaken, and thereafter commissioned the project to install the HR Software.

Saint Andrews Hospice and Saint Andrew’s Children’s Hospice chose Cascade as they felt it was the closest fit with their requirements. The key reasons are highlighted below:

  • Cascade’s solution operates on web based .Net technology removing the need for client software
  • The Cascade company has a proven track record in specialist development of Human Resource solutions, plus a client base of other charities
  • The Cascade HR product is clearly a flexible and highly customisable product which can be easily adapted to a user’s requirements
  • The company is situated in a central northern location, giving Saint Andrews Hospice easy access to events such as user groups
  • Cascade’s staff were professional and very knowledgeable of their products
  • The Cascade product is modular allowing the hospice and the solution to grow together easily, over time.

Key Functionality

The hospices could see that the Workflow functionality would replace a majority of the manual checklists, and provide an automated backbone to the HR department to ensure that key tasks would not be missed by the team.

The Recruitment module offered the capability to create a structured and standardised process, through which both the volunteer and employee recruitment could take place. The client was impressed with how they could build up a detailed process with all the relevant recruitment documentation defined within it.

The report writer is a powerful and flexible tool within the product itself which would allow the creation of calculated fields with the addition of easy to use but highly effective graphing facilities.

Being able to modify key screens and also create new ones easily was a key requirement. Cascade’s HR software allowed St Andrews Hospice to do this simply and at the same time the process to upload data into new screens was very straightforward.

The level of security management within the product was very detailed but at the same time it was easy to administer. The hospices sought a product with this field level security .

The Benefits

Implementing the Cascade HR solution has greatly improved productivity in the HR department. The hospices continue to solve a number of problems and increase the use of the system across the organisation. They’re confident that Cascade HR will continue to develop in the future and over time further deliver the return on the investment made.

Cascade HR also enables the HR department to be more visible and proactive across the rest of the organisation, rather than it being a remote function “locked away” in a building.

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