St Gemma’s Hospice

St Gemma’s Hospice welcomed the flexibility that Cascade’s HR and Payroll software had to offer, as it meant they could make the system their own.

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The Challenge

  • One of the largest providers of palliative care in the UK with a workforce of over 750
  • An existing personnel information system was no longer ‘fit for purpose’
  • HR software was required that could better monitor and report upon workforce trends

The Solution

  • A flexible HR software solution with the ability to configure screens to meet the requirements of the client
  • Advanced reporting tools and the capability to carry out workforce profiling
  • A system that enables the monitoring of sickness absence, age profiling for succession planning and, diversity reports etc.

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Who are St Gemma’s Hospice?

St Gemma’s is a registered charity providing specialist palliative care to the people of Leeds and surrounding areas. It is one of the largest units in the UK, employing over 200 staff and working with more than 550 volunteers.

Summary pre-Cascade

St Gemma’s did have a personnel information system of sorts, prior to implementing Cascade. However it was old and had been neither correctly configured at the beginning nor robustly maintained over the years and so was no longer fit for purpose. HR staff were still attempting to enter information into the system but it was something of a pointless exercise as the technology was not then used to manage the workforce or create reports etc.
The most useful and accurate information was held either on a series of Excel spreadsheets or within paper based personnel files.

The Human Resource Challenge

The myriad ways of recording and storing information within the Personnel Department was less than ideal and it became clear that one system would solve many of the accuracy and time consuming input problems that had plagued the staff for many years.

It was also becoming clear that more modern and proactive means of monitoring and reporting upon workforce trends and statistics would benefit personnel management at St Gemma’s. Of key importance was a system that allowed the monitoring of sickness absence, age profiling for succession planning, diversity reports and so on.

The Decision

The Director of Personnel visited the Computers in HR exhibition in London and was immediately impressed by the way that Cascade responded to the somewhat vague questions posed. (The project was still in its infancy at this stage and the Director really wasn’t sure what she knew and didn’t know!)

Having stood out in London it was a natural choice to include Cascade in the ‘beauty parade’ later in the year.

Cascade shone for a number of reasons including the ease with which St Gemma’s Hospice had been able to navigate the system after only a few minutes’ observation, the flexibility of the system in terms of the ability to configure the screens to meet the hospice’s requirements and the value for money was excellent.
The Solution

Core HR Module: This module now gives St Gemma’s Hospice accurate information at the touch of a few buttons and allows them to run reports and interrogate information for basic reports, workforce profiling and all manner of external information requirements. The team has configured the technology to their heart’s content and are now very happy with the appearance and functionality of it.

System Designer Module: Praised by the team as “a fabulous tool!” St Gemma’s Hospice has changed screens and added, deleted and enhanced elements, enabling the creation of a that looks, feels and operates as they want it to, rather than as somebody imagined it should.

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