CIPD HR Software Show Special – Utilising HR Software to effectively manage change.

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May 20 2015
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The CIPD HR Software Show 2015 is fast approaching. The exhibition is a great opportunity for HR Professionals to engage with HR technology providers, attend free learning sessions and access fantastic networking opportunities.

Ahead of the event, we thought we would reflect on some of the excellent seminars that have been presented by our clients in previous years.

In this feature we will look back on the presentation by our client Sarah Lowe, HR Manager for Sika Limited.

Change was one of the hottest topics being discussed amongst delegates at the 2013 CIPD HR Software show, and so there was an overwhelming attendance at Sarah Lowe’s presentation on ‘Utilising HR Software to Effectively Manage Organisational Change’ in one of the seminar theatres.

In the thirty minute presentation, Sarah spoke openly to attendees about her use of HR software as a valuable change management tool.

In 2007, Sarah Lowe had no Human Resources experience. Little did she know that two years’ on, she would be HR Manager at Sika Limited, supporting a 472-strong workforce through a £30m company takeover.

In 2009, family-run Preston-based Liquid Plastics was acquired by Swiss industry giant Sika AG.When news emerged that the takeover would see Liquid Plastics joining two other established UK sites to become part of Sika Limited, Sarah successfully campaigned for Cascade HR Software integration throughout. Her idea was that by changing the company’s transactional personnel function into a transformational HRM department, the HR team would be better equipped to support the workforce during the merger.

The objective of the wider takeover project was to integrate three business sites into one unified UK organisation with;
  • Harmonised HR policies and procedures throughout
  • Realigned management structure
  • TUPE transfer compliance
  • Open and honest communication to maintain employee trust and engagement, thus safeguarding staff retention.

Over the ensuing four years, Sika utilised Cascade as a change management tool which supported the workforce during the takeover. The benefits were numerous;

  • The whole organisation became paperless and a central consolidated and accurate employee data source was borne
  • Three sites became one unified and harmonised Sika team, working cohesively and equally regardless of location
  • Legislative compliance from a TUPE transfer perspective was wholly achieved
  • Best-practice company-wide processes were established and rolled out using the newly-purchased Cascade Workflow, which proactively prompted the right people to complete the right tasks at the right time, irrespective of location
  • Managers and employees were more engaged, following empowerment to conduct their own HR tasks utilising Cascade Self Service (again procured during this project)
  • Reduced HR administration heightened departmental efficiencies, allowing Sika’s HR professionals greater time to concentrate on building relationships and completing more value-adding activities
    100% of transferring employees were retained consequently forming an experienced and more competitive workforce, better able to support Sika’s growth strategy.


Watch Sarah Lowe’s inspirational presentation at the CIPD HR Software show in the video below.



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