Frequently Asked Questions

We would like to share with your some of the frequently asked questions we receive about our HR Software


Where is Cascade based?

We have offices in Leeds where all departments work, including: the Service Desk, Client Services Team, Development, Sales and Marketing.

Software Overview

Cascade is a HR modular based solution. You can add on a whole family of modules onto the core HR system, including Core HR, Payroll, Training, Recruitment, Online Recruitment, Self Service, Workflow, Auto Enrolment, Timesheets and Expenses.


Client Implementations:

Cascade has successfully implemented its systems at over 650 businesses in the UK and Worldwide. Our clients range from 25 to 10,000 employees and span all sectors, from professional football clubs to power stations and law firms to retail. We do not partner for any of our software and do not sub contract any of our project or support services.

How is product training carried out?

Cascade will design a training and implementation plan relevant to the client’s needs, using their own data, so the training is bespoke to the client. Training is undertaken at the client’s site and full documentation is available for download from the client area of the website.

How often can we expect a visit from our Account Manager?

Your Cascade Account Manager will visit your site on a regular basis completely free of charge. Their objective is to help you get the best from your system through advice and support. They will help you become involved in User Groups and also maximise the benefit you get from our Client Portal, newsletters and other support services.


What SLA’s are offered?

Cascade consider anything under 90% success to be a failure and can boast a 99.45% succession rate for the whole of 2014. For a breakdown of Cascade’s SLA’s, please feel free to get in touch with a member of our team.

What are your Service Desk operating hours?

The Service Desk operates between 9am and 5:30pm, Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours, the Portal is available for reporting any issues and is equipped with an FAQ Section and video walk through’s.

Do you offer User Groups?

Cascade offer a number of User Groups each year throughout the UK. This offers the opportunity for our clients to meet with both Cascade employees as well as other clients. Hints and tips on how to better utilise the system can be shared and any future plans for the system will be announced by the Directors. We also take this opportunity to welcome feedback about anything we’re doing well or any improvements we can make.


What technology does Cascade use?

Cascade is a web based application developed using ASP.NET with C#, classic ASP/HTML/Javascript and SQL Server.

Is the system browser-based?

Cascade is a fully browser based system, which means employees, line managers or any other live user of the system can access Cascade from anywhere, at any time via the internet. This means that employees can request holidays and view their payslips from home, line managers can authorise holidays and check their task list whilst on the train, HR can run reports, change details and any other functionality that they would normally be able to do whilst sat at their desk in the office.

What browser compatibility do you offer?

The latest version of Cascade offers cross browser functionality supporting Chrome, Firefox and Safari for iPad in addition to Internet Explorer.

How many releases of Cascade are issued each year?

Along with minor updates an annual major release of Cascade is made each year.

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