Expenses+ CascadeGo’s Advanced Expenses Module

Drive down expenses processing by 80% and reduce expenses spend by up to 20% with Expenses+, powered by Selenity.

Simplify the way you process expenses from a claimant, approver and finance perspective. With Expenses+ employees can scan their receipts and track mileage (with GPS accuracy) wherever, whenever. While HR can be comforted by the duty of care features that reduce corporate risk through DVLA checks. And managers can analyse spends through bespoke reports or using any of the 120+ readily available, built-in reports!

Reduce costs

Benefit from accuracy of claims and visibility of company policy resulting in cost savings.

Increase efficiency

Manual processing is reduced and the Mobile App makes it even easier for claimants to submit claims quickly.

Ensure compliance

Validation features increase policy and HMRC compliance and the use of flags and limits promote accurate claim validation.

Features of Expenses+

Configurability icon


Built around your expenses policy, the module is entirely configurable, from claimable items to workflows and approvals.

Flags & Limits icon

Flags and Limits

Ensure that your company’s expenses policy is adhered to and that any discrepancies are quickly and efficiently dealt with.

Duty of Care icon

Duty of Care

Manage the recording and verification of vehicle and licence documentation. Alerts will prompt you when expiry dates are due.

Journey Validation icon

Journey Validation

Record journeys using GPS tracking through the app – it’s as simple as hitting start and stop to record, or simply look up postcodes.

Reporting Suite icon

Reporting Suite

Schedule and run reports automatically, using the bespoke report builder or by selecting one of over 120 built in reports.

Card Management icon

Card Management

Credit card, fuel card and cash reconciliation. Submit claims along with receipts to the corresponding line on the card statement.

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