Auto Enrolment Module

We’re living longer, so it’s important to encourage employees to save for their future. But what effect has the pensions reform had on HR and payroll teams’ workload, and how can our Auto Enrolment software help?

Cascade’s fully-integrated HR and HMRC-recognised Payroll software will:

        • Continually monitor and assess employees’ eligibility status, pinpointing when a new starter or current employee needs to be auto enrolled
        • Kickstart workflows to manage communication and ensure relevant documents are issued/completed
        • Engage with staff by sharing their individual auto enrolment status, calculations and actions, via a Self-Service screen
        • Automatically deduct accurate pension contribution rates (via Cascade’s Payroll module) from employees’ salaries

    • Store historical opt-in and opt-out records, and indeed all other auto enrolment communications, in an easy-to-digest employee-specific timeline, providing a comprehensive audit trail
    • Inform eligible jobholders that they’ve been auto enrolled, using Cascade’s mail merge facility
    • Provide detailed or summarised reports outlining the organisation’s auto enrolment status
    • Streamline the process from start to finish, to alleviate the administrative pressures placed on Human Resources and payroll teams


How has our auto enrolment software been used by clients? Watch our video or read on to find out more…

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Download our fact sheet for further information about the module and screenshots of the software.


Cascade has worked hard to bring the potentially complex and time-intensive process of auto enrolment to life.

Our goal is to guide Human Resources and payroll professionals through what to do, and when, ensuring effective communication, maximum efficiencies and legislative compliance, without the need for a bolt-on piece of third party software.

We know that you had enough to do before the advent of auto enrolment, so the last thing you need is more administration. But nor can you risk the penalties of non-compliance if the pensions regulator comes knocking. That’s why we’ve made everything as straightforward, visual and seamless as possible.

All of your auto enrolment information is stored in one place, so every pay reference period our colour-coded graphics illustrate who you need to assess, enrol or communicate with. You’re then guided through what to do next, and all date-based records are stored so you have an audit of your activity. If you utilise our fully-integrated Payroll Software, we can even automatically deduct the pension contributions from an employee’s wage.

From start to finish, our Auto Enrolment software does the hard work so you don’t have to. To assess, process and action all of this data yourself, on a recurring basis, without the support of such technology, could become a full-time role in itself! But we know you’ve got much more important jobs to do.


Of course every client is different so – as is the case with our entire HR and payroll software suite – the auto enrolment module will be configured to satisfy the needs of your company. Our consultants will even help you begin processing your employees’ auto enrolment data, once the software has been implemented, so at no point do you feel like you’re ‘going it alone’.

They’ll also encourage you to think about the value of this Auto Enrolment module when used alongside your wider HR software solution. With our powerful reporting functionality for example, you can create management reports that highlight information such as point-in-time enrolment statuses, eligibility checks and cumulative pension costs to the company. And because this only takes a few clicks, you can satisfy management requests in minutes rather than days, or proactively showcase the grasp you have of your organisation’s pensions status.

So whether you’re approaching your staging date, or you’ve tried to tackle auto enrolment without proactive software and need some help, let us talk you through how our intuitive technology can support your business.


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