Core HR Module

Core HR - The needs of Human Resources specialists like yourself, have proved fundamental to the development of this powerful and dynamic HR solution...


  • Build and manage comprehensive employee records including attendance, job history, training documents, and online payslips and more.
  • Create a system tailored to your organisation, with editable fields and screens, and the ability to build many more using our unique system designer.
  • Utilise our powerful reporting functionality, to understand complex data, identify trends, measure cost-derivatives and plan future actions, in only a few simple clicks.
  • Interrogate your data using query builder, an analytical tool which can proactively generate scheduled reports according to the criteria you set.
  • Upload company documents such as staff handbooks, company policies and health & safety protocol, and provide controlled access with full audit trails.
  • Make the system your own, by branding it to reflect your organisation’s/different departments’ corporate colour and images.
  • Devise your own organisational chart, including photographs if you wish, and publish this to your intranet.
    Browse your company according to hierarchy, post or reporting channels, with our organisation explorer.


  • Plus manage working patterns, create online forms, identify skill sets and so much more…

  • Create authorisation routes which allow the sign off of tasks without the need for our workflow module.
  • Integrate with Outlook to keep employees, line managers, HR and payroll teams in the loop without even logging into Cascade.
  • ‘Drag and drop’ all relevant emails from external programmes into an employee’s record, using our document management system.
  • Allow users to view information of interest to them, via individual user dashboards full of easy-to-digest graphs, tables and prompts.
  • Explore the effects upon workforce remuneration using our global salary modeller, which includes authorisation processes.
  • Manage statutory and occupational maternity/paternity/adoption schemes, and the paperwork involved, to ensure compliance and best practice.
  • Gather the thoughts, ideas and feedback of employees via our staff survey tool, before analysing the results and planning next steps (requires Self-Service).
  • Pre-set levels of acceptable holiday authorisations, to ensure a key person, e.g. First Aider, is always present.

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Need some advice on how to choose the right HR technology. Read our best-practice guide to sourcing, selecting and buying the right product for you.



You can be assured that you are investing in a HR  solution that will work, regardless of how much your company grows and evolves.

When investing in a HR software solution, you naturally have high expectations. You understand the difference it could make not only to your HR department, but the efficiencies, engagement and profitability of the wider organisation. So it’s not a decision you make lightly.

That’s why, at Cascade, an unbelievable amount of thought has gone into the development of our intuitive HR system. Our forward-thinking experts have continued to liaise with our talented project managers, product consultants and sales consultants out in the field – not to mention clients themselves. The result is a proactive, dynamic and flexible platform that is specifically designed to satisfy the challenges and opportunities you face.

Before adding any of our optional modules, Cascade’s core HR module provides a comprehensive and powerful management tool for any Human Resources team, as standard.

When a user logs into Cascade, they are presented with a welcoming, easy-to-digest and point-in-time dashboard, tailored to your organisation. They’ll see charts, tables and reminders, relevant to them as individuals, from which they can take any necessary actions. From the very outset, our priority is to engage.

You see, it’s all about your organisation – your processes, your screens, your system. Utilising our unrivalled system designer feature, you can record the personnel data you want in the format you want it. You can also add unlimited new fields and screens, and even import information from Excel if you wish. Cascade has been designed to be quick and easy for you to configure, and our team are on hand should you ever need us.

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Cascade HR is a well-established, award-winning provider of fully-integrated HR and payroll software. The company is renowned as much for its quality of project management and ongoing customer service levels, as it is its dynamic technology. Over 


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