Key Features

It’s the unique key features within the core HR software, that provide you with the tools to make your HR system your own

Whilst the software menu on our website provides an insight into Cascade’s different optional modules, it’s important to remember that there are many key features built into the core system, as standard. This means that you can benefit from powerful Human Resources functionality, tailored to suit your business requirements, whatever your budget.

This page, and our more detailed feature-specific pages, go some way to explaining a few of those key features. However, if you’d like to see them in action, why not book an online demo or a face-to-face demonstration with one of our experienced software consultants?

Your software, built to satisfy your HR requirements, with a look and feel you’re comfortable with, thanks to Cascade’s System Designer

      • You control how you record, view and utilise your HR data, to suit your requirements and preferences
      • Add new screens as your HR and business needs evolve

      • Make adjustments quickly, easily and at no extra cost – you don’t have to involve Cascade or your IT team
      • Create professional, accurate screens with minimal effort – swap 2 hours’ work for 2 minutes’

Read more about System Designer.

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You’ve never had so much HR and payroll data at your fingertips – make best use of the rich information you have access to, with Cascade’s Reporting and Analysis feature

      • Quickly and easily transform reams of data into meaningful reports, visual graphs or charts, for ease of analysis – you don’t have to be a data whizz
      • A single click allows actions to be taken against the reporting results, e.g. send an email or start a process. We support, and help to instigate, positive change

      • Raise the profile of HR throughout your business, especially in the boardoom – costed management reports demonstrate your insight and acumen
      • All of this, included within your core HR system, as standard, with no extra cost

Read more about Reporting and Analysis.


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