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Don’t ever feel swamped with data again - our intuitive reporting tool, provided as standard within your intelligent HR software, will make meaningful use of the information you hold.

Our reporting feature presents a number of opportunities to help your HR team work smarter

      • Cascade’s intuitive Query Builder makes reporting as easy as it can possibly be
      • Transform data into visual graphs or charts, in just one click, for ease of analysis
      • You don’t have to be a data whizz – e.g. produce a departmental headcount report in less than 30 clicks, however complex your business
      • Reports take minutes, rather than hours, or worse still, days! And you can export to Excel in an instant
      • A single click allows actions to be taken against the result of a report, e.g. send an email or start a process. We support, and help to instigate, positive change

      • Raise the profile of HR throughout your business, especially in the boardroom, by creating valuable, costed management reports that demonstrate your insight and acumen
      • All of this, included within your core HR system, as standard, with no extra cost
      • However, the more fully-integrated modules you invest in, the greater reporting capabilities you have
      • Combine our reporting feature with Workflow, for example, to automatically kick-start best practice processes as a result of reporting results, or to proactively check for new query matches


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Don’t let your data drag you down, read our guide on how to utilise HR software to create intuitive reports and transform your BIG DATA.


HR and payroll professionals are increasingly finding themselves with a growing amount of employee data at their fingertips, presenting departments with an unrivalled opportunity to instigate change within their business.

However data cannot work miracles on its own. It must be effectively extracted, measured, analysed and presented, to the people who can most benefit from it, for it to have true meaning and organisational impact. This is why we’ve put so much effort into our reporting tool – a feature included within our core HR software as standard. By design it is rigorous, intuitive and insightful so that you can create impactful reports, with ease, whether you’re a data whizz or not!

So how does it work? Using our Query Builder tool you can quickly select the fields you’d like to report on, simply by double clicking on them. Add criteria such as date ranges by selecting options from our pre-defined lists, or by typing your own conditions in plain English. Then run the report – it is honestly as straightforward as that! The report is generated online, within your HR interface, and can be sorted, graphed, filtered or exported to Excel, with single clicks of your mouse.

So what topics can you report on? You’ll soon see that the options are virtually endless – starters and leavers, holiday accruals, diversity, absences, the cost of recruiting, training course expiry dates, auto enrolment point-in-time statuses, Workflow triggers, expenses, timesheets, overtime and even ‘what if’ scenarios, such as the impact of varied salary sacrifice schemes, for instance. The list could simply go on and on.

But it is important to take action on the trends and information you uncover, too. Using the information within a report, you can choose whether to send an email, schedule a meeting or start a Workflow process, for example. You can even set your report as a filter on Workflow, which will automatically check for daily criteria matches and trigger the generation of a report, if needed, to save you any unnecessary administration.

With Cascade’s reporting, life suddenly becomes very simple.

The power of our intuitive HR software is the theme of this new video, in which two Human Resources professionals – HR Manager and CIPD member Sarah Lowe and HR Adviser Claire Cooper talk about the importance of the HR technology to relieve administrative pressures, establish best practice, report on management data and engage employees. 


Some of you will continually be asked by the board to produce costed reports. Others of you will want to be proactive in your approach in an attempt to uncover hidden HR and payroll trends. And of course the advent of new legislation creates the need to have a tighter understanding of your personnel landscape.

But whatever the driver behind your reporting activity, the benefits will remain the same. The more effective curation of data gives you the opportunity to:

    • Work smarter, by reducing the level of administrative time required to manage information, and by uncovering facts that will improve departmental and wider organisational efficiencies
    • Instigate positive change – reports may help you build a business case for some form of company development, or may provide the cost vs benefit evidence that you require for the board to take the action you’ve recommended
    • Raise your profile throughout your organisations by helping to enhance productivity and/or workplace conditions, address employee wellbeing, improve staff retention and/or to save money and improve the company’s bottom line
    • Showcase the strategic management value that your profession can bring to business – HR and payroll should not be seen simply as back office functions

Years of thought and development have gone into our reporting feature to ensure it is incredibly easy to use. But that doesn’t mean you’re on your own once our software has been implemented within your organisation. We’re here to help you with your reporting, so we’ll guide you through your first reports on a step-by-step basis, or even work with you to build more complex and unusual reports that you don’t want to figure out alone. It’s all part of our commitment to your ongoing support.

Here are just some of the reports that our clients are currently building with the help of Cascade:

      • General management reports – starters and leavers turnover, budgets by department, salary changes, employee movements, sick pay rates, accrual of holidays, holidays in a given month, employee system activity, diversity etc
      • Absence reports – for example absence spells, durations, absences over a time period, triggers and costs of absence. It is also possible to conduct year on year analyses and analysis by type, by department, by role or by grade
      • Recruitment reports – including time to fill posts, the costs of recruiting, source of applicants and diversity. Conversion rates per recruiting manager could also be deduced
      • Training – who has/has not been on a course, course expiries, delegates on a course in the next X days etc
      • Auto enrolment report – for instance, enrolment statuses at a given point in time, eligibility checks, pension costs to the company and so on
      • Workflow – it is possible to target and report on specific topics such as tasks assigned to leavers or hitting the absence limit
      • Expenses reports – summaries of expenses not submitted this month, for example, or specific expenses incurred
      • Timesheets – for example incomplete/complete timesheets in a period or summary of balance
      • Payroll – it’s possible to evaluate different ‘what if’ scenarios, allowing payroll to investigate the impact of varied salary sacrifice schemes, for instance. The impact of overtime could also be assessed, using historical figures and forecasts
      • More unusual reports, bespoke to clients’ specific needs – e.g. museum rostering, a traffic-lighted training matrix report, a churnover analysis (like a turnover report but with internal departmental moves also incorporated), and time and attendance reporting from self-service.

All you need is the data – which we can even help you capture – then we’ll bring it to life.

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