System Designer

Looking for a proven HR system, that can be tailored to your specific Human Resources requirements? System Designer allows you to shape your software solution to meet your needs…

What can System Designer do?

      • You control how you record, view and utilise your HR data, to suit your requirements and preferences
      • Edit, rename and reorder fields and screens, for ease of data input, reduction of errors and usability of information
      • Import data directly from Excel spreadsheets into a blank table, and the system will design and populate new fields automatically
      • The software will read the data and create lists with drop-down fields, in no more than a couple of clicks
      • Instantly report on new fields and data, and immediately use the information in workflows/roll out via Self-Service etc

      • Add new screens as your HR and business needs evolve
      • Make these adjustments quickly, easily and at no extra cost – you don’t have to involve Cascade or your IT team
      • Cascade adapts to your working patterns, minimising unnecessary administration.
      • Create professional, accurate screens with minimal effort – swap 2 hours’ work for 2 minutes’
      • You need never be restricted by your HR software, however much your business changes – your investment is future-proofed


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There are many synergies within our client base. We specialise in supporting private sector and not-for-profit organisations for instance, and because we attract a large proportion of business via word-of-mouth recommendations, we tend to have many similar customers within different areas of industry. We work with a number of housing associations for example, as well as legal firms, professional sports clubs, charities and retailers, to name just a few.

But no two clients are the same. Yes we all have to satisfy ongoing legislative changes. And HR and payroll requirements in one firm may be echoed slightly in another. But your cultures are different, as are your workforces, the speed with which you undergo change, and the ways with which you record and manage your data, for example. So, for us to deliver a prescriptive, rigid and uniform HR and payroll software solution, would be very foolish indeed.

That’s why our developers have created a suite of proven modules, packed with functionality to help your businesses grow. But when it comes to bringing the software to life within your organisation, it can very much be tailored to suit you, thanks to our unique System Designer feature.

So many elements of the solution are editable, it really would be impossible to list all of the options here. But to help paint a picture, you can edit standard screens such as employee records, and reorder and rename fields to suit your requirements. You can add new fields and screens as your business evolves – without the need to spend any time or money with Cascade or your IT department – meaning you won’t outgrow your software. You can import data such as the contents of an Excel spreadsheet, into a screen, and the software will automatically create and populate the fields you need, to save you time.

It’s all about choosing what will work for you, and selecting wording, plus a look and feel, that your team and wider employees will understand and relate to. We don’t believe in asking you to change your working practices – unless you want to of course – which is why our software can be shaped to reflect your way of doing things.

When our client Sika Limited faced the need to transform itself from a small family-run business to a pan-European company, for example, HR manager Sarah Lowes utilised Cascade as a change management tool. The organisation’s data, HR requirements, culture and objectives evolved drastically, so Sarah shaped the software to suit Sika’s progressive requirements. And she continues to use System Designer to support the company’s ongoing development, claiming Cascade is a reassuring constant, during otherwise rollercoaster times.

Hear more about Sarah Lowes’ story in this video..


System Designer’s key goals are to ease the volume of your data input, turn two hours of work into a two minute job, help eliminate errors, encourage swifter engagement with the software and maximise your return on investment, far into the future.

That’s why the depth of functionality within System Designer is so impressive – it’s just one of the ways we stand out from the crowd.

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