Mobile Apps for HR Software

We’ve developed 100% browser-based HR and payroll software to provide secure access to your dynamic system, wherever you may be. But if employee engagement is really important, or your staff are often on the go, you can make their life even easier with our handy Mobile App

Getting to know our HR software for smartphones:


      • A Human Resources solution specifically designed for mobile interaction
      • Ideal for remote workers and non-office based employees, e.g. construction workers, distribution staff, field sales consultants and more
      • Enable employees to perform key HR functions – such as accessing tasks, booking holidays and checking online payslips – on the move, from their smartphone
      • Our HR mobile app is browser independent and suitable for all smartphones/tablets, encouraging maximum employee utilisation

      • Further empower line managers to look after their team, wherever they may be, by providing the ability to access team details, view attendance, authorise holiday requests and review outstanding tasks etc
      • Heighten engagement with your staff by breaking down potential access barriers, and facilitating HR software interaction using a device employees regularly use


Want to see our Mobile Apps in action? Why not book a demonstration with a Cascade consultant, to see how our software could work for your company?


Download our factsheet for further information about the module and screenshots of the software.


Our Mobile App for HR Software is convenient, engaging and simple-to-use – it suits the needs of busy managers and employees.

Due to the varied nature of the employment landscape, the increased uptake of flexible working practices and different technology preferences in the home, employees don’t always have access to a computer. However, 92% of the UK population owns a mobile phone*.

So, because we live and breathe engaging, user-friendly technology, we’ve developed a condensed version of our HR software for smartphones and tablets, in the shape of an engaging, browser-independent Mobile App.

Why? To increase the extent to which users’ ‘buy in’ to the software; to enable managers to look after their people when they’re on the go; and to facilitate secure access to your HR system, wherever employees may be.


Any Cascade client using our core HR software, can roll the Mobile App out across iPhones, iPads, Androids, Windows Mobiles, Blackberrys and any other suitable smartphones or tablets.

You can even access the app from a PC or laptop, if you’re using a station without Internet Explorer or can’t get on your Self-Service system.

It’s all part of our goal to help keep everything simple, convenient and efficient. We recognise some of the everyday challenges you face, and are here to help you solve them. If an employee is out on site, is travelling overseas, or needs to urgently check something outside normal working hours, for example, they can view their tasks, request holidays, access their online payslips and more, with their trusted mobile.

The result? Your workforce will appreciate the lengths you’ve gone to, to consider their working patterns and lifestyle. And your HR department will benefit, by maintaining the flow of important Human Resources information, regardless of an employee or line manager’s location or access to a computer.

*Ofcom: The Consumer Experience Report 

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