Online Timesheets Module

Efficient time keeping, maximum management control, minimal costs and zero paperwork… Sound too good to be true? Not with Cascade’s Online Timesheets software!

Key features of our Online Timesheets module:

    • Employees complete & submit their timesheets online via our 100% secure browser-based HR software (Self-Service module)
    • No paperwork translates into a tidier office; easier, controlled access to the information that managers, HR and payroll need; and better commitment to the environment
    • Timesheets are automatically circulated via a user-defined authorisation route, before being sent to HR and/or payroll so the employee can be paid
    • Our Workflow module can proactively remind employees and line managers of the actions they need to take, meaning timesheets will be completed on time

      • Line/Area managers can access, review and update multiple timesheets, regardless of an employee’s location, via a single easy-to-use interface. Group timesheets can also be edited accordingly, with minimal effort
      • Optional functionality to integrate with your own time and attendance/clock-in systems, means timesheets are automatically populated with the number of hours each employee has worked
      • Alleviates double entry of data, reducing the likelihood of error and ensuring the more efficient use of everyone’s time

Want to see our Timesheets Module in action? Why not book a demonstration with a Cascade consultant, to see how our software could work for your company?


Find out how using Self Service alongside the Timesheets Module can empower your employees and save your business time and money.


A flexible, simple to use solution to collect ‘hours worked’ information directly from employees

Some companies are lucky enough to manage their weekly or monthly timesheets without a hitch. But if you have many members of staff, complex working patterns, busy workloads, remote/field-based employees or flexitime arrangements, the collation of timesheets is likely to be anything but straightforward. We understand the frustrations you face and the amount of time you’ll waste unnecessarily, which is exactly why we’ve developed our own Online Timesheets software.

So how does it work?

Using their secure Self-Service log-in, employees can quickly and easily input details of hours worked, plus other attendance-related information such as overtime or holidays. Their timesheet can then be submitted via a user-defined authorisation route, before it reaches HR or payroll so that the employee can be remunerated accordingly.

Our Online Timesheets module also gives line or area managers the opportunity to quickly review, update, edit and submit group timesheets, via a single easy-to-use interface. It couldn’t be simpler.

      • There’s no need to wait for employees to leave paper-based timesheets in the office – the process is swift, simple and seamless
      • There’s no chance of timesheets getting lost, because they are stored safely within your HR system
      • There’s no double entry of data which drastically reduces the likelihood for error
      • There’s no excuse for forgetting to complete the timesheet, as Workflow can send helpful reminders to employees and/or managers

Online timesheets can revolutionise your approach to timekeeping, with minimal effort, maximum efficiency and zero paperwork.


Of course, if there’s the opportunity to achieve even greater added-value from our Online Timesheets software, then that’s not something we’re going to shy away from. That’s why this module is also able to extract hours data from other clocking-in or time and attendance systems that you may have. After all, our goal is to reduce avoidable administration, improve your organisation’s efficiency and give you the tools to work smarter.

So, would you like to increase your control over timesheets,with zero paperwork? Why not contact is to learn more about our Online Timesheets module?

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