Recruitment Module

Intuitive Recruitment software, to help ensure you source, select and appoint the very best staff available to you - another helpful business module within Cascade HR’s software suite.

Key features of Cascade’s Recruitment software

      • A comprehensive recruitment tool, designed to reduce administration and ensure best practice. The result? You focus your valuable time on finding the best possible people to join your business
      • Using the power of Workflow, create an ‘authority to recruit’ process so vacancies can automatically be produced via online forms, by the people empowered to produce them
      • Cascade’s robust vacancy management tool allows HR/managers to link to posts, prepare and review job descriptions, pose applicant questions and upload to Online Recruitment (if this module is procured)
      • Filter applicants by searching CVs for particular skills, locations, keywords and qualifications. The software – your virtual administrator – does the hard work, to save you time

      • Hold a talent pool and search for matches of applicants to vacancies or vice versa – is the best possible talent staring you in the face?
      • Rely on Cascade’s actions and responses, which will guide users through the recruitment process, however complex, and produce the relevant documentation, as needed
      • Convert successful applicants to employees in HR with a single click, to initiate a new starter process tailored to your organisation
      • This is a powerful stand-alone ‘back office’ recruitment solution, or one that can be combined with Online Recruitment for even greater functionality.


Want to see our Recruitment Module in action? Why not book a demonstration with a Cascade consultant, to see how our software could work for your company?


Concerned about storing prospective employees records and the impact on the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA)? Read our white paper.


As the gap widens, globally, between hiring volumes and recruitment budgets*, organisations are being forced to work smarter to find the best possible talent available to them. That’s why our HR experts have worked hard to develop a Recruitment software solution that will:

          • Improve your ability to appoint highly-skilled talent
          • Enhance the quality of your hiring process
          • Strengthen your sourcing techniques
          • Avoid unnecessary admin-intensive exercises that waste your time
          • Even help you pipeline your talent and conduct succession planning activities (with the support of Cascade’s core HR or Talent Management software).

We’ve consulted with businesses throughout varied private and not-for-profit sectors, to uncover the functionality you truly need to achieve these goals. Then our award-winning developers have worked hard to create a module that ticks every box. What’s more, our friendly product consultants – the people who help bring your HR system to life – have upskilled their knowledge to empower you with the further insight you need, to revolutionise your approach to recruitment.

Build detailed job opportunities, with ease, in our comprehensive vacancy management system, for instance. Give line managers the authority to recruit with the help of Workflow, and provide user-definable actions and responses to guide them effortlessly through the process. We’ll provide them with the right documents, at the right time, and we can even help filter through reams of applications with our intuitive CV search.


No two recruitment scenarios are the same, which is why our software is so flexible – you can cleverly configure it to meet your specific requirements, no matter how much they continue to evolve.

However, one thing seems fairly consistent across all our clients, who appear to share similar frustrations – you don’t want to waste your time on recruitment administration. Instead, you quite rightly want to concentrate on actually getting the job done!

So that’s been the driving force behind this module – a vehicle to improve your approach to recruitment, reduce administration, encourage best practice and help find the talent to support your business growth.

Whether you’d like to use Recruitment as a stand-alone ‘back-office’ function, or in conjunction with our next generation Online Recruitment software, let us show you how much time we can save…


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