Training Module

Are your employees reaching their full potential? Could a lack of learning and development opportunities be affecting your staff retention rate? Do you need to better manage your training budget? Might our Training software benefit your business?

Key features of our training management software module:

      • Devise tailored staff training and development plans, based on role, personal development, key talent profiles and individual needs
      • Assess role-based competencies to understand the skill sets required for any given position
      • Proactively carry out succession planning (with the help of Cascade’s core HR and/or Talent Management) to ensure your organisation has the skills necessary to succeed long into the future
      • Obtain employees’ feedback on training via user-definable online course evaluations, which can be delivered via email and Self-Service

      • Maintain training best practice throughout the workforce by integrating automatic Workflow processes
      • Bring your training data to life with our powerful reporting functionality – create charts, graphs or pivot tables and take next step action against live records
      • Maintain a comprehensive grasp of training costs against budget, and analyse according to budget holder, department, course etc.

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So many organisations talk about their workforce being their most valuable asset. But how many do their utmost to attract, develop and retain these treasured employees?

Simply booking staff onto routine learning and development courses does not constitute a comprehensive or beneficial training strategy. If employees’ talents remain untapped, your training budget will not reap the ROI you desire; workplace effectiveness will remain unchanged and disengaged team members may seek alternative employment. The impact upon your company’s bottom line could be significant.

That’s why our Training software module encourages your employees to reach their full potential. This intuitive technology will allow you to uncover every member of staff’s individual training requirements – as well as company-wide skills gaps and business objectives – so that tailored personnel development plans can be built.

The result? Exciting career paths, heightened employee morale and engagement, a better-equipped workforce, a longer-term skill-set vision, and a greater return from your training investment. Not to mention reduced administration for HR teams, as Cascade has the power to manage everything and facilitate communications on your behalf!


From submitting training requests to overseeing training delivery, budgets and evaluation, Cascade can handle it all. If integrated with Workflow and Self-Service, the integrated solution will manage your:

          • Assessment of each employee’s skills and needs, so that a bespoke training plan can be created
          • Needs analysis of the wider business, to ensure comprehensive skill sets are fulfilled
          • Training course invitations, requests and scheduling, when most timely
          • Budgeting, to ensure every training initiative falls within the financial parameters that have been set

But we realise that’s only part of the job. That’s why our Training Software also encourages you to:

              • Distribute a configured course evaluation form (courtesy of our survey feature, delivered as standard within Self-Service), to analyse an employee’s feedback on the training and their resulting motivation levels
              • Measure any change to the individual’s ability to carry out their role and the number of opportunities for them to put their newfound skills and expertise into practice.

This post-training assessment is crucial, as it highlights the return on your investment and justifies your decision making to the board. It will also give a more holistic perspective of employees’ job satisfaction levels, potential skills gaps and succession planning challenges/opportunities within your organisation.


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