Prevent Employee Holiday Guilt

People Management last week revealed statistics that illustrates that UK workers are adopting a range of bad habits associated with their holiday leave. It can’t be denied that a period of austerity brings out a range of emotions that affect staff attitude and behaviour.  The survey revealed that employees think twice about booking holidays so they don’t leave their colleagues in the lurch.

Is there a solution? Introducing HR software can help. By empowering line managers to authorise holiday requests and giving employees visibility of when colleagues have already booked annual leave gives everyone a clear view of the impact of booking that holiday.

The benefits of implementing self-service systems are multi-faceted. For example you can expect to achieve:

  • Real time information
  • Instant, accurate knowledge
  • Greater HR profile and recognition throughout the company
  • Employee engagement, which helps to improve wellbeing and create a sense of loyalty
  • Sense of ownership over personal information and tasks, which should have a positive motivational impact
  • Employee ability to access and manage personal information wherever they may be
  • Process control which ensures consistency
  • Best practice throughout the organisation, as processes will have been pre-defined by HR using workflow functionality
  • Proactive system prompts which chase actions rather than HR, again alleviating the demands being placed on HR
  • Paperwork reduction, which alleviates the administrative burden placed on the HR team and also ensures greater accuracy
  • No lost paperwork
  • Legislation adherence
  • The ability to audit all user activity
  • Reduced telephone enquiries to HR for basic information
  • Greater return on investment – devolved administration means more time to concentrate on strategic HR issues

Samantha Allen, HR Specialist, from Wesco Aircraft has written a guide to rolling out HR Self Service which is full of useful tips and advice. Click here for your free copy.

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    Cascade’s Core HR solution is a powerful, proactive and dynamic solution that offers a huge amount of standard functionality” from the HR page.more...


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    Gain efficiencies through minimizing costs and maximizing employee time, with zero paperwork and maximum control.more...


    Rolling out Self Service to Employees and Managers presents huge benefits to everyone but there are risks.more...


    Cascade reflects the need to take each employee and assess their individual training and development requirements.more...


    Cascade introduces workflows, best practice workflows and authorisation routes to ensure efficiency and guarantee no task is left incomplete.more...


    Cascade's Mobile Apps module allows you the HR team and your organisation to engage even further with your employees.more...

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