Change Laboratory

The change laboratory is the nerve centre of Cascade - an innovative facility which analyses software usage statistics, legislative forces, client suggestions and our developers’ technical foresight, to bring new functionality to life

Key features of Cascade’s change laboratory:

      • A team of Cascade’s client services experts constantly and proactively reviews customers’ software interactions and usage
      • We also invite clients to put forward their own suggestions via research forums, and at our user groups
      • Other influential factors such as upcoming legislation and developers’ technical knowledge are also continually assessed
      • This scientific approach enables our software to stay one step ahead of industry and client-specific challenges. New requirements and potentially problematic patterns are identified before the client has even acknowledged them

      • Our findings are fed into a carefully considered analysis hub which investigates, tests and prioritises how our development path should unfold
      • Clients know that their feedback has been acknowledged and thoughtfully considered
      • This intelligent approach to development ensures Cascade’s HR and payroll software – and supporting client services – remain flexible and dynamic, with a distinct competitive edge
      • Clients don’t need to reevaluate the marketplace for newer, more proactive functionality – they’ll already be using it!


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At Cascade, one of our key objectives is to try to ensure you are never held back by your HR and payroll software. We work hard to continually evolve alongside your organisation as it grows and progresses, so that we provide you with a value-adding business solution, long into the future.

So when it comes to the development of our software modules and the suite of client services that we offer, it makes perfect sense that you’re involved in their evolution. There is little point tweaking our products purely for technology’s sake, for instance. We need to remain mindful of the bigger picture.

That’s why, a couple of years ago, we introduced Cascade’s Change Laboratory – an innovative test centre which lies at the heart of our development strategy.

The facility is so-called because of the scientific approach that our software experts adopt. Software usage statistics are carefully considered within our analysis hub, where our team looks particularly at commonly used functionality, industry stumbling blocks, or demands for additional features, for instance. They also incorporate pieces of our developers’ technical knowledge, news of impending new employment law, service desk analytics and feedback to arise from client user groups.

The algorithm’s findings then allow our team to test different ideas and pre-qualify potential developments to Cascade’s products or services. This ensures we don’t just introduce new functionality ‘because we can’. Instead we rigorously check that we’ll truly address your needs and marketplace challenges if we implement the changes we’re considering.


All of this may sound very exciting, and the Change Laboratory is indeed another way to help us stand out from the crowd. However, there’s a very important reason for us investing in such a facility – we don’t believe in introducing industry gimmicks.

Instead we want to concentrate our time and resources on continued, considered technological advancements that will save you more time, further reduce administration, create greater efficiencies, strengthen your bottom line and deliver wider added-value to your organisation.

For example, Cascade’s Change Laboratory was the driving force behind us:

          • Offering increased flexibility in occupational sick pay schemes, which can influence the number of days’ recorded as unpaid absence and can tie into employees’ Bradford Factor scores
          • Introducing a ‘Holiday Purchase’ facility, for our clients who offer the purchase of additional days’ leave as an added employment benefit
          • Delivering smarter CV searching within Recruitment, which looks for keywords that are truly relevant to a vacancy. For example, you can sift out CVs which include the exact phrase “data engineer” not just the two single words
          • Protecting group privacy by restricting users’ view of planners, however complex or disparate a workforce
          • Being able to report on which training items have been linked to posts and where deletions/amendments/additions are needed, without having to go in and out of every post to see what has been set up.

And the lab will steer our development strategy as our company continues to grow. You need never fear you’ll get left behind with Cascade.

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