More than 20 years’ project delivery experience sees Cascade’s client services team deliver 100% of HR software, or fully-integrated HR and payroll software implementations, on time and to budget.

Why are you in safe hands with Cascade? Our software implementation services include:

      • Dedicated project management, coordinated by a senior member of our implementation team. Based on PRINCE 2 methodology our proven project management strategies are tailored to suit your organisation and objectives – quirks and complexities pose no problem for us.
      • Project initiation meetings, ensuring a transparent approach based on strong communication from the outset. Together with you, the client, we’ll discuss the aims, expectations, responsibilities and timescales of the implementation, from which the project plan can be formulated and agreed.
      • Project blueprinting – an optional service for clients who would like their project requirements, such as workflows, identifying and documenting.
      • System configuration, because there’s no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ approach at Cascade. We’ll work with you to mould your new HR and payroll solution to meet your specific needs.

      • The secure, efficient and remote deployment of your system, whether you opt for the traditional installed route on your own/third party servers, or utilisation of the increasingly popular Cascade Cloud.
      • Data Migration – however your data is currently stored, we’ll help you ensure the secure and robust transfer of information into your new Cascade system. This is a vital implementation phase that will underpin the effectiveness of your software long into the future.
      • Real system training, to give your team the skills and competences to make value-adding utilisation of Cascade for years to come. We’re always here to help, but we want you to have ownership of your system. That’s why we empower you with the knowledge to continually bring Cascade to life, however your business evolves.
      • Parallel Runs of your payroll, giving you utmost peace of mind that, if you opt for our fully-integrated software solution, your employees will be remunerated accurately and on time.


And more… whether you require Outlook diary integration, interfacing with third party systems such as Time and Attendance solutions, or Active Directory Single Sign or Data Exchange functionality, our list of implementation services just goes on and on.

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You’ll quite rightly have great aspirations for your new system, which is why we do all that we can to ensure your technology, and our dedicated client services team, support you in realising your goals. How? By focusing on getting things right from the outset.

A designated project manager will be responsible for the successful deployment and roll-out of your software, to ensure all of your implementation goals are achieved. They’ll become your ‘right hand man’ (or woman!) and will work closely with you to agree and accomplish your project plan, milestones, timescales, responsibilities and deliverables.

We’ll carefully select the most experienced project team for your implementation, depending upon the nature of your organisation, the modules you’ve selected and the sector you operate in, for example. And we’ll recommend who should also be involved from your organisation, based on your system objectives, organisational culture and any anticipated project complexities.

Our HR and payroll software experts will then utilise proven project management processes and procedures, tailored to your business objectives, to ensure your new system is delivered on time and to budget. At no stage will you feel like you’re ‘going it alone’, not even after your software has been fully rolled out.


Some clients appreciate the time and effort that should go in to an effective software implementation project. Others underestimate the various stages involved. And there are those who face the implementation with such uncertainty, that they look to our experienced team for complete guidance.

No matter which category you fall into, it’s our job to help. We don’t want you to struggle at the earliest hurdles after all, plus we have a 100% successful implementation rate to uphold!

When Cascade was awarded the contract to work with Everton Football Club, for example, the project team immediately prepared an implementation and roll out schedule which clearly identified what was required of each party, and when. One of the most complex phases was the collation and cleansing of vast amounts of disparate data, stored in numerous spreadsheets and worse still paper-based records. Locating all of the necessary present and historic information, and putting it all into the right format, was of course challenging for the client. However they understood the importance of getting this right, before the data could be migrated and integrated into their new HR system.

Cascade provided additional help in the form of a data transfer template and expert guidance as to the how best to tackle the various data processes, and the time needed to thoroughly and accurately work through and audit the information. As a result, the transfer was very smooth and the remainder of the project was able to unfold seamlessly. Equally as importantly, Everton’s HR team accumulated the internal skills and competencies required to make long-term optimum use of Cascade, no matter how much the dynamic organisation continues to evolve.

You see, at Cascade, we look to the future. So our implementation methodologies are as forward-thinking as our HR and payroll technologies.

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Cascade HR is a well-established, award-winning provider of fully-integrated HR and payroll software. The company is renowned as much for its quality of project management and ongoing customer service levels, as it is its dynamic technology. Over 


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