Project Methodology

We don’t just make promises - we deliver them too! Our proven, quality-controlled project methodologies ensure your new software solution will fulfil everything the salesperson described.

Once you’ve signed on the dotted line, how will your software project evolve? Important stages include:

      • Project planning, led by a dedicated project manager who will work with you to map every key phase moving forward. A project initiation meeting and resulting document will highlight every process, responsibility and milestone between that point in time, and you going live with your new software.
      • Project blueprinting – an optional service (available at pre-sales if needed), which identifies and documents your project requirements and is particularly popular with clients without a detailed system specification. Don’t worry though, our flexible system and projects are designed to accommodate new requirements and unexpected mid-project changes, if they arise.
      • Collaboration, between our project implementation team and your HR and payroll staff. We design our projects to encourage everyone to work together, facilitating all-important knowledge-transfer and ownership, from day one. You can pass on company-specific details about your business, for example, and we’ll offer expertise on the system, to ensure all potential project pitfalls are avoided.
      • The implementation of your actual system, which incorporates data migration, software deployment and technology configuration, to suit the specific needs of your organisation
      • User training, to ensure your team has a full and comprehensive understanding of the HR software, how to use it and how it will support the evolution of your business. Tailored to you, and typically delivered on your site, our training is empowering, relevant and thought-provoking.
      • Go live! We know how important it is that your core HR system – and any additional HR and payroll modules – are rolled out carefully and effectively. So we draw upon decades of collective experience to ensure a smooth go live, with confident and enthused users, however large, complex or disparate your organisation.
      • Post project support, to help maximise your return on investment from the software, for many years to come. A dedicated account manager – supported by our in-house, Leeds-based service desk – will be dedicated to your long-term satisfaction and ongoing system success. And we have many other helpful resources too, such as our renowned User Groups, ever-growing white paper library and customer portal – all designed to help you get the very best from Cascade.

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Read about our client Westco Aircraft Europe’s experience of rolling out our HR Software in our white paper.


Did you know that 81% of Cascade’s employees are in post-sales roles? Their job? To maximise the effectiveness of your HR and payroll software long into the future.

Once you’ve made the decision to invest in HR and payroll software, and have signed on the dotted line with your chosen supplier, we know how much importance you place on your project running smoothly. You’ll no doubt want your management team, and wider workforce, to appreciate the reasons why you selected the solution you did, for instance. You know that a comprehensive set up and ensuing engagement, or ‘buy in’, is crucial. And you’ll be working hard to try and achieve a return on investment as soon as possible.

So, as soon as the sales process is finalised, our Client Services team swings into action, committed to ensuring you achieve the greatest value from your software, from the outset.

We focus on open communication, the collaboration of expertise and knowledge, and the utilisation of proven, quality-controlled project methodologies, to deliver successful implementations every time. We know what typically works and doesn’t work – information we willingly share with clients – and we draw upon experience from hundreds of other varied projects, to minimise any potential headaches when it comes to your system.

Why not watch this short, advice-led video from Cascade’s project services manager Ric Mellor


Our aim is to deliver projects seamlessly, with minimal fuss, maximum accountability and optimum success.

That way, you don’t just ensure you breathe a sigh of relief when you’ve gone live with your new system – you are continually confident that you’ve made the right software investment, as the project unfolds.

But once your HR software – or fully-integrated HR and payroll software – has been rolled out, please don’t worry that you’ll be left to ‘go it alone’. We’ll continue to support you, in the form of a dedicated account manager, an experienced Leeds-based service desk, exclusive advice-led client events, free videos and resources, upgrades and more.

You see, we place such importance on faultless project deliveries, ongoing software success and long-term client satisfaction, because these factors underpin the business model upon which Cascade has achieved continued organic growth. Client retention, word of mouth recommendations, increased brand reputation and customers’ ongoing commitment to our new technologies, are what fuels our expansion and reinvestment into the company. And when we reinvest, we don’t just focus on the evolution of our product. We continue to develop our employees and recruit new team members to maintain the customer service standards that we’ve become renowned for.

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Cascade HR is a well-established, award-winning provider of fully-integrated HR and payroll software. The company is renowned as much for its quality of project management and ongoing customer service levels, as it is its dynamic technology. Over 


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