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Our experienced team of HR and payroll software professionals will deliver a unique training package to suit your needs, ensuring you know how to extract maximum value from your system, from day one.

Key benefits of our approach to software training:

      • Cascade’s software training is delivered by our experienced product consultants – the people who live and breathe our HR and payroll system
      • They’ll get to the heart of your business to ensure they deliver a training style, and content, suited to your organisation
      • We’ll encourage you to think about the practicalities of the training beforehand, e.g. what workspace will you need, and who should be involved?

      • You’ll receive hands on, interactive opportunities to learn about your new HR software, or fully-integrated HR and payroll software. We won’t just talk at you!
      • We train clients using live data, that you can relate to, rather than generic ‘dummy’ information
      • As you learn about your system, you’ll start to build usable screens, workflows and reports that you’ll retain and use moving forward, ensuring best possible use of your time


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OK, so you’ve invested in the best-fit HR software, or HR and Payroll software solution, for your organisation’s needs. And you’ve meticulously planned the implementation to ensure you now have a dynamic, intuitive and value-adding system at your fingertips. But it doesn’t matter how intelligent your team is, how easy the technology is to use, or how in-depth the software demonstration was at the pre-sales stage, you will still not be fully aware of how best to utilise your new system. That’s why the quality of our software training services, is so important.

We have an experienced team of product consultants, dedicated to ensuring you’re equipped with a comprehensive understanding of how to use your system. Delivering friendly, easy-to-digest and hands on training is the core element of their role – it’s what they do, day in day out. So they’ll speak in a language you understand, at a pace you’re comfortable with. In fact, they’re often praised for their down-to-earth approach, and their willingness to answer any questions, however ordinary, or downright odd!

Every new client will be trained with live data that they can relate to, not generic ‘dummy’ information that has no meaning or relevance. And all will be guided through interactive sessions where they drive the system themselves, rather than just listening to what we have to say or simply watching us navigate the software. Decades of experience shows this achieves the best results.

Beyond that, the style and content of the training will be tailored to suit each individual company. If you have a formal organisational culture we’ll adopt a corporate and reserved approach, whereas if your business is more relaxed we’ll deliver an equally more informal, yet professional, format. We do this to maximise your trust and engagement with us, allowing you to get the most value from the sessions. And we’ll build real screens, workflows and reports, together, that you can retain and use moving forward, to really kick-start your journey with the software.

We can even advise how you might wish to train additional users, or, in the case of a Self-Service roll-out, the wider workforce. We’ll draw upon hundreds of client scenarios to guide you through what might work best for your organisation. Some clients prefer to concentrate on a pilot group in the first instance, for example, where others may hold workshops for all staff. Either way, we’re here to support you in the best way we can.


Because our training expertise is so comprehensive, we will deliver advice and guidance tailored specifically to the software solution you have invested in. For instance we offer:

    • Core HR software training – learn how to create and manage general records, write reports and configure user-defined profiles etc
    • Payroll software training – we’ll cover HR and payroll software integration management, running the payroll, payroll reporting and more
    • System Designer training – a very popular element of our training, which ensures you always have the right field and screen at your fingertips, without any need to contact Cascade
    • Workflow training – we’ll guide you through how to create and edit best-practice processes, on a step-by-step basis
    • Recruitment software training – e.g. discover how to create vacancies and manage the various activities associated with sourcing, selecting and hiring the most-suited staff for your business
    • Timesheets training – learn how best to engage line managers and employees, and capture working time information accurately
    • Training software training – decipher the optimum way to manage training plans, schedule courses and oversee staff training processes.

In truth, the list goes on and on. The training you receive will depend on the modules you have invested in. But whether you simply procure our core HR software, or a more complex suite of HR and payroll modules, we’ll work with you to devise a comprehensive training plan that will bring the system, and your knowledge, to life.

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