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We're here to support you and your HR Software, no matter how large or small your query. We’ve achieved an average 99.65% Service Level Agreement (SLA) rate over the past 12 months.

What makes our service desk different to our competitors’?

      • Our friendly dedicated support team is based at our Leeds headquarters – you don’t phone a distant call centre, you speak to someone you know and trust
      • We’re here to help whether you have a simple “how do I do this?” query, or a more complicated configuration request
      • We offer first, second and third line support depending on the technical nature of your query, ensuring we provide the answers you need, however complex your requirements
      • Interact with us via telephone or email, or submit queries, review incident progress and access helpful resources via Cascade’s secure online customer portal – choose the communication method you prefer
      • All service desk calls are logged to ensure timely responses, excellent communication and efficient resolutions – we’ve achieved an average 99.65% Service Level Agreement (SLA) rate over the past 12 months, and 98% of clients rated our service as good or excellent

      • SLAs outline the very minimum standard you can expect from us – we’ll always go the extra mile
      • We analyse the level, nature and causes of queries received, to help us prioritise the urgency of calls, uncover necessary development tweaks and update our portal FAQs accordingly
      • We proactively take care of software updates and patches to future-proof your HR software or fully-integrated HR and payroll system
      • Our remote support and diagnostics are structured to provide fast issue resolution. But we know how important personal communication is, so you’ll be allocated your own account manager to ensure your software continually runs smoothly

No matter how robust a HR and payroll software product, issues will still arise from time to time. You may have forgotten how to undertake a simple process within the system, for example, or your internal IT infrastructure may have changed, meaning you’d like our thoughts and guidance.

Whatever the reason for your need for support, at Cascade, we’re here to help with queries large and small. And we place great pressure on ourselves to provide the highest quality of service, to ensure your retention.

How do we do this? Our Leeds-based service desk team is not just made up of customer service professionals. Each of our service desk consultants also knows our HR and payroll software inside out. So, rather than reading from restrictive scripts, they draw upon a wealth of knowledge to help you with your query. And if they can’t be of immediate assistance, your query will be elevated to the next tier of support, to ensure you receive the resolution you require. Everything is logged, enabling you to track the progress of your call/email, and you will speak to the same familiar voices, of people you’ve probably met if you’ve visited our West Yorkshire offices.

So, if a client is met with an unexpected error when running a query or report, for example, they may call us for some assistance. We’ll talk through the exact nature of the issue with them, in the hope we can identify, advise and/or action the best-fit resolution. If it turns out to be a data issue that would benefit from third line support, we’ll escalate the query so that more technical input can be offered.

If you need some out of hours assistance, are looking for a simple reminder, or would like to check you’re getting the best from Cascade, we also have a comprehensive library of resources, FAQs, hints and tips, available on our dedicated customer portal. Accessed online via secure log-in, this is a well-used facility, available 24/7, that you can explore at your own pace. It is great for “How do I..?” questions and its popularity also frees up more service desk time for less common queries.

It’s important to note that we also believe in keeping things personal at Cascade, however large our, or your, business becomes.

So, whilst our remote customer support is designed to provide fast diagnostics, issue identification and resolution, it doesn’t beat face-to-face contact with someone who understands your organisation almost as well as you do. That’s why an account manager will be appointed to support you throughout the lifetime of your software. They’ll keep in touch with you and will regularly visit your site to ensure everything is running smoothly. And they’ll monitor the evolution of your business to proactively consider how you could make further value-adding use of Cascade.

It has taken years for us to perfect our customer service model, and because we believe in continuous improvement, we constantly review our approach and methodologies, to leave no stone unturned. But ‘Software Provider of the Year’ award recognition, a 99.65% SLA achievement rate from the past 12 months, and 98% of customers rating us good or excellent, indicates that we’re on the right track.

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