The Stress Report 2016

The Stress Report 2016:

Unlocking the secrets to a less stressful workplace.

Bosses looking to lower stress levels in the workplace need not splash out on expensive mindfulness classes or office overhauls, as workers say it is the simple, inexpensive measures that help the most.

A study of 1,011 UK adults in full or part-time employment, conducted by Cascade HR, explored what workers feel bosses can do to reduce their stress levels, and found that introducing flexible working hours (47%), early finishes on Fridays (39%) and a caring, friendly management style (38%) would have the biggest impact.

The Stress Report 2016 sets out to address what causes stress, as well as looking at what can be done to alleviate it. It aims to provide employers with the information they need in order to successfully reduce the impact stress can have in the workplace, as well as identifying those workers who may be at risk.






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