Auto Enrolment Module – Testimonial from Jerrold Holdings

Here’s what our client Simon Sheriff – Compensation & Benefits Advisor – Jerrold Holdings has to say about our Auto Enrolment module.

(Simon Sheriff – Compensation & Benefits Advisor – Jerrold Holdings) We choose the Auto Enrolment module, we already had the Cascade HR in place, the T&A module on its way, and we needed a new payroll provider so it seemed like a good idea to have everything in one place.
(Owen Williams – Auto Enrolment Product Manager – Cascade HR) The Auto Enrolment module holds all the information about assessments and it makes it really easy to find out who you need to assess this month, who you need to enrol this month.


    (Owen Williams – Auto Enrolment Product Manager – Cascade HR) Everything is very visual, the ‘at a glance’ area is all colour coded so you know straight away anybody who’s in a ‘pot marked red’, you need to do an action this month. You can also do all your communications through the module, so send emails and mail merge letters through the module, and they’re stored against a timeline, against each employee, so each employee has their own audit and the regulators can see that audit and its very straight forward to put it into Excel, if you have the Cascade Payroll System then integration is seamless for your eligible job holders. What we’ve also got is full information available in the standard query tools in Cascade, so you can build reports and exports for your Pension Provider, and they van be in CSV or Excel format.
    (Simon Sheriff – Compensation & Benefits Advisor – Jerrold Holdings) It looks very simple to use, well it has been very simple to use. The employees like it, they can see where we’re up to, they can access all the letters we’ve sent them about the Auto Enrolment, so it’s made our like a lot easier.


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