Cascade Networking Group 2015

We would like to tell you a little more about one of our Networking Events held in 2015.

(Owen Williams – Account Manager – Cascade HR) Good morning everybody. Payroll activity, going to start you off with actually with an activity, were going to talk to each other first thing in the morning. For me it’s very useful because it gives me chance to talk to 3 or 4 customers, same morning, nice and informal, they get to ask questions about software they maybe wouldn’t think about because the presentation slides
problem, so yeah it’s a nice opportunity to meet people.

(Joanna Graham – HR Assistant – Trowers & Hamlins) I found the hints & tips really useful actually and also I find networking with other Cascade users very useful.


    (Lee Harding – Account Manager, Cascade) HR It’s very useful for Cascade and for me to give our clients the opportunity to see what Cascade has to offer in terms of new services and the new modules that are out there and to also give the clients a good update on where we are as a business. What I am going to do today is just show you a little bit of a mixture really of some reporting, a little bit of workflow…

    (Terence Vieyra – HR Director, Arts Alliance Media) So actually this is the first networking event that I have been to and it has been very useful in terms of getting the hints & tips and actually the Employment Law part was exceptionally good. I use obviously a lot of the functionality but because I haven’t done my training, in actually a couple of years, there’s a few parts that popped up and I was like actually that’s pretty useful to remember when I go back to the office.

    (Neil Lewis – Head of Account Management, Cascade HR)Thank you very much to the presenters today and thank you all very much for coming.
    I think it’s been really useful as these events always are, very well received. I think it’s always worth maintaining that individual as well as generic engagement with our clients, you know, we never want to get away from the one to one meetings we have but this does give us a lot of forum so we can see a few clients at the time, so yeah it’s been really good.


HR Software – Testimonial from Arts Alliance Media

Here’s what our client Terence Vieyra – HR Director, Arts Alliance Media has to say about our software.

Workflow Module – Testimonial from Trowers & Hamlins

Here’s what Joanna Graham – HR Assistant, Trowers & Hamlins has to about our Workflow module

Account Management

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