Cascade’s Purchase and Installation Options Explained

There are three main purchase options for Cascade. One in The Cloud, Two a local install or Three our rental option.

The Cascade Cloud is a way of purchasing Cascade that minimising the impact on your IT team. We use a premium Cloud Services Provider so that your employees can log on to your Cascade system from anywhere that they have an internet connection. The key benefits of The Cloud are that it is very quick and very easy for Cascade to do an install of your new product. We don’t need remote access of your servers within your business, and it’s very, very simple for a customer to roll out access between multiple sites, for homeworkers or even for people who need to access the software internationally.
When it comes to purchasing Cascade, the other option is to install the software locally
on your own servers, this means Cascade will remotely install the software within your own organisation. Your employees can still access the software through a browser and your IT team will have direct access to the backend database.

Cascade is also finally available as a rental option. Typically we would look at a 3, 4 or 5 year rental option, and again we provide the service through our Cloud. The advantage of this option is it removes much of the up-front cost associated with buying a HR system and it means that you can clearly budget for a set number of years for your total project fees.

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