HR Software – Testimonial from Arts Alliance Media

Here’s what our client Terence Vieyra – HR Director, Arts Alliance Media has to say about our software:

(Terence Vieyra – HR Director, Arts Alliance Media) I have used quite a few HR systems in the past and actually I think in terms of the flexibility and the visability the employees get it’s probably the best one I’ve seen so far, certainly in terms of giving me less work to do and allowing the employees do more of the work, that’s been really great!.


Cascade Networking Group 2015

We would like to tell you a little more about one of our Networking Events held in 2015.

Self Service Module – Testimonial from Bristol Airport

Here’s what our client Faye Cooper, HR Advisor from Bristol Airport had to say about our Self Service Module.

Core HR Module

Core HR Software - The needs of Human Resources specialists like yourself, have proved fundamental to the development of this powerful and dynamic HR solution...

Workflow Module

With Workflow you can create automated HR processes that drive efficiencies and encourage best practice.

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