Payroll Module – Testimonial from Acorn Care and Education

Here’s what our client Samantha Kennedy – HR Systems Officer, Acorn Care and Education, has to say about our payroll module

Well prior to Cascade, we used to outsource all our payroll and we have a number of companies that sit under Acorn Care and Education. As you can imagine that was quite difficult for us because with a number of different companies you a number of different payroll companies,
so when we brought the payroll companies in house, we obviously seen a huge difference both in cost, because we have managed to save quite a lot of money, but also from an organisational point of view, it’s been great.


Payroll Module

Our HMRC-recognised Payroll module - developed by our in-house payroll experts - ensures utmost accuracy, complete legislative compliance and full integration with our HR software, without the loss of control.

Payroll Module – Testimonial from Bristol Airport

Here’s what our client Faye Cooper, HR Advisor – Bristol Airport, has to say about our payroll module.

Core HR Module

Core HR Software - The needs of Human Resources specialists like yourself, have proved fundamental to the development of this powerful and dynamic HR solution...

The power of HR software – A video from clients Sika Ltd

The power of intuitive HR software is the theme of a new industry film, in which two Human Resources professionals take centre stage with the lead roles.

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