The Client Services Team Overview

We’d like to tell you a bit about our Client Services

Client Services


My names Heather Vitty, I am the Client Services Director at Cascade. I am in charge of all the customer service side of Cascade, so once an order comes in – it comes into my team. We then process the order, so that’s through projects, through the consultancy side and also the service desk.

Once a project has been implemented, the customer is then passed onto an account manager, who also come under my remit to help keep continuity throughout the whole lifespan of a customer at Cascade.


Our Services – Projects Team

We’d like to tell you a bit about our Projects Team.

Our Services – Account Management

We’d like to tell you a bit about our Account Management team.

Our Services – Training

We’d like to tell you a bit more about our training services.

Cascade Networking Group 2015

We would like to tell you a little more about one of our Networking Events held in 2015.

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