The power of HR software – A video from clients Sika Ltd

The power of intuitive HR software is the theme of a new industry film, in which two Human Resources professionals take centre stage with the lead roles.

(Sarah Lowe – HR Manager) Those of us in the HR profession know that the world of HR, it’s not straight forward.


(Claire Cooper – HR Advisor) We have quite a diverse workforce on site here, so lots of different people working lots of different hours and lots of different roles with lots of different needs and lots of different demands.

(Sarah Lowe – HR Manager) If you are a HR professional you have no time whatsoever to stand still. We’ve got busy workloads, we juggle constant pressures to
drive efficiencies, we need to control costs all the time, we’ve got absences to manage, we’ve got to fill any vacancies that we’ve got and there’s always reports that we need to be producing and looking at. 

And then of course we’ve got our talent and we need to be developing that as well and the list is pretty endless to be honest. The external landscape it is so varied, you’ve got the business environment in which we work, and you’ve got the market place and the industry.


    (Claire Cooper – HR Advisor) We do have to follow legislation and make sure were compliant with the law and that can come into a lot of our policies that are HR driven. A lot of the time you find that you have to react to what’s happening there and then, so tools to help you manage your workload are always greatly welcomed.

    (Sarah Lowe – HR Manager) We need a tool that is really intuitive and it needs to operate really as one of the HR team, it needs to be able to relive administrative burden, it needs to be able to maintain accurate flow of information.

    (Claire Cooper – HR Advisor) The technologies that we use in HR now are very pivotal and underpin a lot of what we do. We have found it makes things so much simpler, more fluid.

    (Sarah Lowe – HR Manager) It’s really important that it anticipates not just the need of HR but the needs of the business as well. We also need to be able to source the very best candidates that are available, that every single new job opportunity that we have. We need to engage and we need to motivate our employees while supporting there career development. We want to be able to create management reports in an instant, we have to be able to showcase just how much strategic value and we can deliver as a team in the board room, otherwise HR really doesn’t have a place. We need to be able to do our jobs to the best of our ability. We need to be able to empower managers and employees to be able to do their jobs to the best of their ability as well and if we can do that it will mean that the organisation will reach its full potential.

    (Claire Cooper – HR Advisor)…And we do all that with Cascade!


Everton Football Club – HR Software Case Study

Everton had high hopes for the human resources technology that would support the business through its continual growth.

Cascade at the CIPD Software Show 2014

2014 HR Software Show, London Olympia

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