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Some organisations choose to invest in Cascade because of our dynamic, proactive browser-based HR and fully integrated payroll software. For other clients, it is the Cascade story, our people and what we stand for, which influences their decision.



Our website talks in depth about the HR and payroll software for which we have become renowned. It describes the functionality that we have devised, as a result of technological foresight and continued detailed liaison with industry professionals.
And it gives numerous examples of the administrative burdens we’ve relieved, the positive changes we’ve instigated, the cost savings we’ve facilitated, and the
contribution we’ve made to raising the profile of HR and payroll in the UK.
But who are the people behind the technology? What is the Cascade story that has led us to develop our reputation as one of the UK’s most trusted software suppliers? And why does all of this matter to you, our clients?


Here are just some of our thoughts:

      • We are a dedicated HR and payroll software company built to last. Established in 1992 we have remained focused on the creation of value-adding browser-based technology, designed, tested, built, implemented and supported wholly by our in-house team in Leeds. We retain complete control over quality standards, which ensures your ongoing satisfaction and a 98% client retention rate
      • We are as renowned for our client services as we are for our software, and have won awards for both elements of our business. Why is this important? It means that our customers benefits from unswerving support that is as robust as the HR and payroll systems we provide. Whenever you need our assistance or guidance, we’ll be there to help your organisation grow and become more profitable
      • We have encountered year on year growth since 2007, and with this, our team has expanded too. You see, we continually invest in our people to ensure we remain one step ahead of industry developments, without compromising our quality standards. What’s more, 80% of our team is employed to provide dedicated aftersales client support and maintain customer satisfaction levels, something which is relatively uncommon in the software world
      • In April 2014 we were acquired by the IRIS Group – a flagship acquisition that allows Cascade to operate as an independent division of a £75m turnover corporation. IRIS’ investment has fuelled more technological development, more employee recruitment and the deployment of more software solutions for the increasing number of customers who approach us for help
      • Our client base – and therefore our experience – is incredibly varied, with more than 800 satisfied customers throughout a range of not-for-profit and private sectors. So, whilst we treat every new project as unique, we can draw upon decades of experience and pass that knowledge on to you
      • We configure standalone HR, or fully-integrated HR and payroll software solutions, to suit your business, whether you have tens or thousands of employees. You don’t have to change to fit our technology; we adapt to suit you.
      • Our culture is based on four brand values – transparency, integrity, quality and care. This ethos fuels the ongoing evolution of our business, helping us keep existing clients happy, attract new customers and retain highly motivated staff.

Cascade share the same values as all four of our directors. Read the thoughts from the board…

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Cascade HR is a well-established, award-winning provider of fully-integrated HR and payroll software. The company is renowned as much for its quality of project management and ongoing customer service levels, as it is its dynamic technology. Over 


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