Wakefield and District Housing – HR and Payroll Case Study

Cascade helped to streamline Wakefield and District Housing’s HR and Payroll processes by introducing an integrated HR and HMRC recognised Payroll Solution.

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The Challenge

  • Wakefield and District Housing (WDH) is responsible for over 31,000 houses in the Wakefield district
  • WDH employs approximately 1,450 employees, both office based and remote workers
  • A HR system was sought, to give WDH a central data source.
  • The desired HR and Payroll software should be web enabled and accessible from anywhere
  • The ability to query and report on complex statistics and data was paramount.

The Solution

  • Fully integrated HR & Payroll software from one supplier, with the ability to streamline processes and procedures
  • An efficient ‘in-house’ payroll service, that would save £37k on the previous payroll bureau service provider
  • User definable workflows which can be easily created and edited using user friendly workflow designs
  • Intelligent self service functionality to enable employees to manage their own HR data, with the appropriate controls and security built in by default.

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Read more about how Wakefield District Housing implemented Cascade’s HR and Payroll Software in our case study.


 Wakefield and District Housing (WDH) became the largest single housing stock transfer organisation in 2005, taking responsibility for over 31,000 homes in the Wakefield District.Approximately 1,450 office based and remote workers are employed.

WDH had a requirement for a HR software solution that would manage an effective ‘in-house’ payroll service for employees. It needed to empower HR to support employees and spend less time on repetitive and monotonous administration.

The chosen solution also had to provide an accurate and efficient payroll service, enabling WDH to tackle real HR issues, rather than wading through tons of paperwork and waiting for inefficient processes to kick in. The ability to enable employees to manage their own HR processes through intelligent ‘self service’ functionality, was also sought.

The HR and Payroll Software Project

The data migration exercise took approximately one month. The organisation had a clear understanding of the data structure in its legacy system and was able to match that against the data template Cascade provided.

Having a good relationship with the ICT team meant that the HR department was also able to install and configure the hardware required for Cascade within a few weeks of the contracts being signed.

The initial focus was ensuring a smooth switch over to the new payroll system in line with the deadlines of the project. The first six months of the project were therefore spent carrying out parallel runs against the existing payroll system and Cascade.

Four parallel runs were conducted, achieving a 96% reconciliation. The further 4% could be accounted for due to the specific configuration differences between the two systems.

Following a 100% successful first payroll run, in which all 1400 employees were paid correctly, WDH has implemented further HR elements such as Learning and Development, Health and Safety, Recruitment and Grievance/Disciplinary.

Self Service functionality has also been introduced for annual leave, payslips and sickness absence recording.

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