Cascade at the CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition

Cascade's CEO Oliver Shaw talks about his experiences at this year's CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition. Oliver was also our guest speaker, with a presentation on using big data to conduct better workforce planning.

(Oliver Shaw – CEO) I’m Oliver Shaw, I’m the Chief Executive of Cascade HR. We provide Core HR systems to about 700 customers in the UK, servicing about 300,000 employees for HR administration and Payroll. I think the conference has been brilliant so far, it’s been brilliant to see clients and prospective customers come and see us, show us our solutions and its always great to have a walk around and look
and see us, show us our solutions and its always great to have a walk around and look at everyone else’s solutions, what’s going on. There’s a lot of energy here, it’s a lot bigger than it was last year, a lot of focus around analytics and how you use them to understand and progress your resourcing needs or the way in which you run your organisation.


    The CIPD event is a great place to see clients and customers and indeed prospective people who are looking for systems, so that’s a real core of what we are doing and if people want to see our system or want to see some of the new things were doing we’ve got that here and we can demo them and show them that. The second thing is that we wanted to talk about data analytics so we gave a presentation this morning which ran through some of our thoughts around how you can use the data in the system to improve hoe you run your business and predict what’s going to happen. And the third thing is its always great to have a look at our competitors or other elements of HR development which are here and so we’ve had a wander round and had a look at what’s going on and renewed some knowledge and some partnerships and some friendships so it’s been fantastic so far.

    In our presentation this morning what we were trying to do was to show people that by sequencing there numbers or data in a certain way they can get really powerful analytics out and one of the things that many people in the business don’t understand is that if they separate out the inputs to each process, understand how those bits of data change over time, as they turn into the outputs that there trying to get, they can start to create predictive analytics and plans that show them how their business or their circumstances will change over time. If there able to do that gives us a real prediction as to how things are going to turn out so what we did was take a simple example which is how do you manage your resourcing or your head count, show people how they can use the numbers that were in their HR system or existed in their business to show how the headcount would evolve over time and then turn that into a real impact as to how all that would affect the business plan and achievement of budgets. And hopefully that went down reasonably well, everybody was nodding, so it went well.

    If you want to learn more about what Cascade could offer your business or our views around how you can use data in your organisation, get in touch with us through our website which is or give us a call at the office and we’d be more than happy to spend a bit of time with you working out how we can help.

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