Highlights: Why visit the HR Software Show?

The benefit of coming to the Cascade stand at the HR Software show is to have a one to one demo with a Cascade Consultant.

(Kevin Sarsfield – Internal Sales) Today’s been absolutely fantastic, it’s my second year. The second June show that I have been to. I would actually say that this year has been busier than last, just looking at it, just from this morning. Absolutely fantastic, all the pods are busy and there has been some really interesting stuff going on. 

(Peter Reeve – MNDA) We’ll talk a little bit about who we are, we’ll talk a little bit about why we changed our system, we were moving from another supplier, it wasn’t the first implementation. Why we chose Cascade, that’s written by us, that bit. Not Cascade I would hasten to add. How do we prepare, how do we go through that process of thinking about what we actually wanted and then the really nasty bit which was actually making hte thing work.

(Lawrence Scholey – Account Manager) This is my first time at the HR Software show as an exhibitor, previously to that I actually attended as a customer looking around for new systems. It’s been fascinating being on this side and watching people coming in, and demonstrating Cascade to them, because it’s such a fantastic system, it’s really easy – it sells itself.

(Ross Adams – Sales Consultant) The main benefit of coming to the Cascade stand at the HR Software show is you will be able to have a one to one demonstration with a Cascade Consultant, we will be able to discuss the key things that you want to gain from the software. We will be able to discuss other user experiences with our software, and we can tailor what we show to make sure Cascade is really going to fit your requirements.

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