Future of work film set to be unveiled in exclusive premier at CIPD event

A new film showcasing what HR professionals can expect from the future of work is set to be unveiled at a premiere screening at the CIPD’s inaugural Festival of Work event, in June. We have produced a short ‘movie,’ following dialogue with HR and business leaders throughout the country. Covering everything from wellbeing and the increasingly diverse workforce, through to automation and AI…

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Mar 12 2019

Is your business Brexit-proof?

With less than three weeks’ to go until the final decision on Brexit, the persisting and rapidly growing uncertainty over the potential outcome is affecting businesses across the UK. A Personnel Today study, in association with Gartner, revealed that employee behaviour, engagement and productivity could well begin to suffer if we are shortly to enter […]

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Feb 20 2019

How are businesses preparing for Brexit?

Amid a state of persistent Brexit uncertainty, and something of a sense of mild chaos, most UK, and international companies operating within the UK are currently taking the only sensible course of action – preparing for a no deal, or worst case scenario. With so much still unknown, many would be wise to consider their […]

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Feb 4 2019

What is National Sickie Day?

What is it?  The first working Monday in February has been dubbed, somewhat dubiously, ‘National Sickie Day’ across the UK. It marks the day of the year where workers across the UK are most likely to call in sick to their workplace. It was first identified by law experts the ELAS Group in 2011, when […]

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Feb 1 2019

Is Brexit already affecting workforce planning?

With a decision still yet to be reached as to the UK’s fate upon leaving the European Union (EU), many companies are still undoubtedly concerned about the potential impact a poor, or even no-deal scenario could have on the UK’s business economy. If MPs vote to support any updated version of Theresa May’s Brexit deal […]

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Jan 18 2019

What legislation changes can you expect in 2019?

The start of the year has undoubtedly been somewhat overshadowed by Brexit – whether it will be enforced, how it will be enforced, and even WHEN it will be enforced are the hot political topics that have dominated endless UK business headlines. However, in amongst the noise, the government have quietly published their proposed legislative […]

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Jan 9 2019

Why will some job hunters be hungry for zero hours contracts in 2019?

Zero hours contracts have quite rightly attracted a lot of criticism, for the extent to which they’ve been abused by businesses to the detriment of employees’ rights. But might people actually start to demand them in 2019? Our CEO Oliver Shaw offers his thoughts… They’ve been hailed as exploitative, have featured heavily in employment tribunals […]

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Jan 7 2019

Oliver Shaw – My Working Day

Have you ever wondered exactly what components make up the average day of a business CEO? In such a senior role, the emphasis is usually on leadership, setting an example, and inspiring and managing teams and divisions. Our CEO Oliver Shaw recently spoke to Business Leader about his typical working day… What time do you […]

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Jan 4 2019

Research reveals untapped employee potential and HR becoming more stretched

Organisations are not doing enough to help employees reach their full potential, is a prominent viewpoint to emerge from our recent national study of UK professionals. In a poll of 423 UK-wide Human Resources professionals, 44% said the workforce does not have enough support to thrive, with a further 22% stating that they are unsure […]

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Dec 21 2018

Top five areas for HR to be aware of in 2019…

With 2019 fast approaching, many HR managers will be looking ahead to the key trends, discussion points and legislative changes that are undoubtedly due to dominate the business landscape as the year unfolds. The true questions that hard-working professionals require enlightenment on include: what will be the biggest hurdles in 2019? Where will the difficulties […]

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Dec 17 2018

Christmas spotlight: Clare Featherstone

Year after year, The Yorkshire Times Festive Spotlight feature proves to be very popular, so this year, they’ve brought their business page Q&A back, but with a difference! For 2018, they’re posing 12 quickfire ‘one word’ questions to business people throughout the region, and revealing one per day in true advent calendar style! Next up, […]

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