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Dynamic, easy-to-use HR software, which drives best practice throughout your department and wider organisation.

Why choose Cascade HR Software?

Simplicity is key to Cascade’s award-winning HR software. Basically, we’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to!

For instance, we’ve developed a system that can be installed traditionally on your computer, or deployed via the cloud and accessed via any web browser. You can access our 100% browser-based solution, via secure log-in, from anywhere in the world, using a number of devices.

Our UK based developers have worked tirelessly to create an abundance of intuitive functionality, that you can utilise with a few quick and easy clicks of your mouse. This will help transform your company’s approach to Human Resources with minimal fuss.

All of this translates into a dynamic, value-adding HR software product, supported by friendly, knowledge-rich Human Resources and payroll experts, who are dedicated to your business growth. And we deliver all of this without breaking the bank!

Cascade’s HR software will help you:

Reduce HR and payroll administration


Efficiently manage processes

Roll out best practice

Effectively manage change

Heighten the profile of your HR and payroll team


Better engage the workforce

Increase profitability, justifying your investment in the solution

Invest in your future

So whether you’re a niche SME, a multinational organisation, or anything in between, why not give your Human Resources and payroll teams the tools they need to excel in their roles? Then watch as the business-wide benefits unfold as a result.

HR Software modules

example features:

reporting | system designer | organisational charting | policies & procedures
outlook navigation | salary modelling | dashboard

our modules

Every client is different, so Cascade doesn’t believe in supplying a rigid, prescriptive HR software solution. Instead, we work with you to understand things like your current and future business objectives, your organisational culture and the challenges you face. Then we configure Cascade to suit your needs, ensuring your system will evolve alongside your business long into the future.

That’s why we offer a suite of intelligent software modules – each designed to satisfy different Human Resources and payroll requirements – enabling us to create a solution tailored perfectly to your brief. And if you need to introduce new functionality in future, you can add on additional modules, when the time is right.

Core HR Module

A virtual HR administrator – your system, your screens, your processes, your return on investment. The heart of your solution.

Payroll Module

A fully-integrated HMRC-recognised payroll solution which ensures accurate and timely remuneration of staff.

Workflow Module

The quality control tool within your system – ensuring best practice procedures are carried out by the right people, at the right time.

Self Service Module

An engagement tool which devolves appropriate responsibilities to managers and employees, streamlining Human Resources and payroll efficiencies.

Talent Management Module

Conduct competency analyses, performance reviews & appraisals, to manage your most valuable assets – employees.

Training Module

Develop, deliver and evaluate individual learning and development plans for each employee, whilst managing training costs.

Recruitment Module

A comprehensive tool designed to maximise your organisation’s opportunity to attract, select and recruit the best possible staff.

Online Recruitment Module

The next generation of web-based recruitment functionality, which harnesses the value of your own website as a window for job vacancies.

Auto Enrolment Module

A powerful module which manages the administratively-intensive processes associated with auto enrolment, ensuring accurate and compliant pensions contributions.

Mobile Apps

Further heighten employee engagement by enabling staff to access their tasks, book holidays and check their payslips ‘on the move’.

Expenses Module

Facilitate seamless communication between employees, line managers, HR and payroll, and ensure the efficient claiming, authorisation and processing of expenses.

Timesheets Module

Maintain a comprehensive grasp of employees’/teams’ working hours, with zero paperwork, minimal effort and maximum control.

System Designer

System Designer’s key goals are to ease the volume of your data input, turn two hours of work into a two minute job, help eliminate errors, encourage swifter engagement with the software and maximise your return on investment.

Reporting and Analysis

Our intuitive reporting tool, provided as standard within your intelligent HR software, will make meaningful use of the information you hold.

Absence Management

 A dynamic tool which allows HR teams to visually identify, understand and interrogate workforce absence and annual leave data.

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Cascade HR is a well-established, award-winning provider of fully-integrated HR and payroll software. The company is renowned as much for its quality of project management and ongoing customer service levels, as it is its dynamic technology. Over 


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