Absence Management

Absence management refers to the process designed to reduce unplanned employee absence (usually due to illness or injury).

Having an effective HRMS can allow HR departments to report on absenteeism. However, Cascade HR Software takes that one step further. The advanced system designer and reporting functions can help organisations to implement Absence Management strategies, while the Workflow and Self-Service modules can be used to roll out best practice processes – as well as empowering employees to take ownership of their absence records.

Absence Management and the key features of our HR Software;


  • Roll out Absence Management procedures company-wide by using our Self-Service and Workflow modules to ensure necessary information is passed through to the relevant line managers and employees.
  • Any type of absence can be recorded within Cascade and reported on.
  • Multiple user-defined categories and types of leave can be maintained in the system drop down lists.
  • As standard, Cascade HR Software comes with a dedicated Absence screen with a summary and graphs that illustrate the breakdown of attendance data as well as most common days taken.
  • Cascade HR Software automatically calculates absence spells and duration and then uses this to generate a Bradford Factor Score. This is shown on the absence screen.

  • The system will allow you to hold documents –such as Microsoft Word and Excel files as well as PDFs and JPEGs – against an employee record. This provides a general ‘hub’ for all information pertaining to leave and absence.
  • ‘Drag and drop’ all relevant emails from external programmes into an employee’s record, using our document management system.
  • The mail merge facility, if used alongside our Self-Service and Workflow module, will allow absence management policies and processes to be communicated throughout the organisation.
  • User dashboards can be tailored to suit the individual and role, with data presented to the user without the need to run regular reports – including those displaying team and company-wide absences.
  • Create online forms that can to tailored to suit your absence management policies and sent out via the Workflow module to employees.


Examples of our Absence Management screen include Bradford Factor graph and Document Management screen, (view more screenshots)
absence screens


Annual Leave and the key features of our HR Software;


  • Cascade HR Software is specifically designed to deal with managing holidays efficiently and accurately.
  • Pre-set levels of acceptable holiday authorisations to ensure a key person, e.g. First Aider or Line Manager is always covered.
  • Employees can be empowered to manage their own annual leave through the use of the Self-Service and Workflow Modules.

      • Line/Area Managers can access, review and authorise employee absence and annual leave.
      • The system automatically calculates annual leave for part time employees including bank holiday entitlement.
      • The easy to use ‘At a Glance’ holiday planner includes a drag and select facility to quickly book holidays.


Parental Leave and key features of our HR Software;


      • Manage statutory and occupational maternity/paternity/adoption schemes, and the paperwork involved, to ensure compliance and best practice.

    • Cascade will calculate key dates for you when you enter the EWC date automatically.


Examples of our holiday planning screen and parental leave screens

holiday and parental leave screens

Read more from leading experts in employment law and HR software about the implications of shared parental leave. 


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*The mean cost of Absence per employee is based upon the results of research carried out by the CIPD

Case Study – Synergy Housing and Absence Management

Synergy Housing was experiencing unsustainable levels of absence that were posing a significant financial strain for the organisation. A new absence management strategy was implemented with the help of Cascade, and the results were staggering.

In April 2011 Rosie Green, head of HR at Synergy Housing, reported that her organisation was recording 12.96 days’ average absence per employee per year, significantly higher than the 7 day ‘norm’ for organisations of Synergy’s classification.

Synergy’s annual absence cost of £472,000 (£1,350 per employee) could not be sustained. Nor was it fair for dishonest or unnecessary short-term absences to continually heighten the pressures and workloads imposed on present employees, thus affecting their morale and wellbeing.

Rosie knew something had to be done therefore she began to carefully develop and roll out a distinct absence management strategy that saw Synergy save an impressive £285,000 in only one year.

Our White PaperTechnology – alleviating the absence management headache” – details Rosie’s journey. She shares her personal experience and advice to help other organisations prepare for the challenges and maximise the successes they can expect to encounter, before highlighting her ideas to further strengthen Synergy’s absence status in future.



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