Employee Self Service Module

Like the idea of empowering employees and line managers to control their own HR tasks, but fear the risks that come with rolling out employee Self Service? Don’t worry, our HR and payroll software experts have successfully done this thousands of times.

Key features of Cascade’s Employee Self Service:

      • Give your employees the tools to update their own personal details, complete surveys, request holidays, submit training course applications, and more
      • Empower line managers to take better care of their teams too, by enabling them to accept/reject holiday requests, manage absences or authorise appointments, for example.
      • You decide the features that each individual can/cannot utilise, and how they can interact with data. Everyone uses the same software, but it’s your system, you’re in control.
      • Each user can have several profiles, depending on the nature of their role(s) in an organisation and the number of responsibilities they have. One single individual can be an employee, a line manager, and a company director, for instance.
      • By devolving the right amount of responsibility, to the right people, at the right time, you free up resource within the HR team to undertake more strategic, value-adding tasks. The result is heightened awareness of your HR team.

      • Use employee self service to heighten employees’ engagement with HR and their ‘buy in’ to the software. Not to mention improved communication throughout the business.
      • Combine employee self service with Workflow to ensure best practice processes are being followed at all times. Cascade will guide employees or line managers through every step of a task, and present them with the forms, instructions, screens or documents that they need.
      • Employee self service is of value to your payroll department too. They can deliver online payslips and authorise payroll-related changes to data such as bank details for instance.
      • Facilitate even easier Self Service access through our Mobile App – engage with your employees wherever they may be!

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Self Service will, quite possibly, be the single most important module within your HR system. Read our white paper for top tips from our clients using this functionality.


As HR and payroll teams throughout the UK strive to work ever-smarter, it’s perhaps no surprise that employee self service functionality is in such high demand. Self service puts employees and managers in control of their own HR data, relieving the administrative pressures placed on HR and payroll professionals. Alleviating this pressure presents opportunities for them to undertake more strategic activities, whilst heightening engagement and communication levels in the process.

Cascade might not be the only HR software supplier to offer such functionality. But we’ve thought carefully about how:

                • Our employee self service module will most benefit businesses on a company-wide scale
                • It will achieve the greatest level of efficiencies, throughout varied private sector and not-for-profit organisations
                • To ensure the software it is best received by the entire workforce

When it comes to  employee self service, our people are as equally important as our technology. They’re the Human Resources and payroll experts who live and breathe the system and its capabilities. They’re the team who have guided clients through hundreds of successful implementations and roll outs. They’re also the same people that will support you with the careful introduction of employee self service, to ensure your workforce understands and embraces this clever tool.


We know that the roll-out of Employee Self Service can be a daunting task. But you needn’t worry – we have a 100% success rate, and are here to support you every step of the way.

Our product consultants will advise how and when to conduct the roll out, suggesting perhaps that you trial the functionality with a pilot group to begin with. We also recommend that you phase the roll out. By concentrating on the areas that create the most administrative burden first, you will achieve maximum immediate benefit. Other, perhaps non-essential elements, such as online appraisals and course applications, can be introduced over time.

Each of our clients is unique though, so we’ll work with you to understand the best course of action for your workforce.

Self Service is one of the most powerful tools available to HR departments – let us show you just how revolutionary it can be…

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