Expenses Management Module

Introducing our software for managing expenses - a fully-integrated module which ensures seamless and controlled communication between employees, line manager, Human Resources and payroll.

Key features of our Expenses Management software:

      • An extension of Cascade’s award-winning Self-Service module, our Expenses Management software is quick and easy to configure and roll out – no need to involve IT
      • Employees make their expenses and mileage claims online, via their own Self-Service employee record, using screens they are familiar with
      • They simply type their expenses items, and Cascade calculates the VAT. We even provide a list of options to save their time
      • Line managers can authorise the claims using Self-Service too! No more unnecessary paperwork or the risk of tasks being forgotten
      • Alleviate the administrative pressures placed on HR and payroll by devolving responsibilities to employees and line managers

      • All authorised expenses claims are paid either automatically through Cascade Payroll, or with a separate BACS file for your own payroll software
      • An easy-to-use, time-saving and efficient process which ensures employees are accurately reimbursed, whilst the business maintains a watchful eye on costs
      • Why not report on your expenses data to proactively identify trends and take actions if required? Don’t forget our Query Builder feature is included in our core HR system, as standard


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Download our factsheet for further information about the module and screenshots of the software.


Do you have a defined process for managing employees’ expenses and mileage claims? Or would you like to streamline processing times and increase organisational efficiencies with a module that keeps everything quick, simple and accurate?

Claiming, authorising and processing expenses is undoubtedly not the best use of anyone’s time. That’s why we’ve created robust Expenses Management software which ensures seamless and controlled communication between the people who need to know what’s going on, and of course, the accurate reimbursement of staff.

This clever browser-based module is an extension of Cascade’s Self-Service software, so there’s no need for a complex or resource-heavy roll out and implementation. You simply add the license, configure your system, and start benefitting from our new expenses functionality.

This module has been purposefully designed so that it is quick and easy to use – after all, you want to devolve administrative responsibilities to employees and their line managers, but you don’t want to disrupt their productivity. That’s why staff can simply input the expenses and mileage they need to claim, selecting from the helpful options that we’ve provided. We’ll even calculate the VAT to save extra time. Then, once the claim has been submitted online, managers will be prompted to authorise, or reject, the claim.

If you use our fully-integrated Payroll software, Cascade will then ensure the expenses are repaid automatically, to the right people, at the right time. Alternatively, the system can create a separate BACS file for your own payroll software. Everything really is taken care of, meaning that’s one less thing for you to worry about.


The great thing about Cascade is that we don’t just want you to save time. We’re here to help you work smarter and more proactively too. So why don’t you see what our Expenses Management software is really capable of?

For example, using our intuitive reporting feature, you can analyse expenses data to uncover trends from which proactive action can be taken. Are particular employees or staff from certain departments repeatedly exceeding the normal expenses rate, for instance? Or are there any expenses authorisations that need to be challenged?

You can utilise the power of our Workflow module too. The Query Builder feature within Core HR for instance, can monitor key trigger points according to the parameters you set. So, if a specific figure or indicator is reached, a process will then automatically start. If a single employee claims in excess of a specific monetary value, for example, Workflow could notify the line manager or finance department to take appropriate action, as pre-defined by your HR team. All of this, and more, can then be monitored and reported upon.

You see, it’s all part of our commitment to save you time and money. So, if you’d like to ease your workload, improve efficiencies and strengthen the financial robustness of the wider business, let our Expenses Management software become a valued part of your approach HR and payroll.

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