Online Recruitment Module

Advertise and manage vacancies on your own company website with Cascade’s Online Recruitment software - the next generation of web-based recruitment functionality

Key features of our powerful Online Recruitment technology

  • Complete with its very own CMS (Content Management System), Online Recruitment allows you to create new pages, add and edit content including images, and introduce new tabs. You’ll continue to satisfy your recruitment objectives, whilst maintaining the look and feel of your company brand
  • No need for IT department intervention – your system, you’re in control
  • Create a vacancy in Cascade Recruitment, and post to your online job board in a single click. Applicants are automatically downloaded behind the scenes, to save further time
  • Add individual, job type, post-specific or company-wide questions in Recruitment, and they are automatically populated in your online application form
  • Encourage talent to apply! Cascade’s CV parsing – the ability to read CVs and automatically populate relevant application form fields – makes the process incredibly easy for candidates

  • Provide controlled access to any agencies you use, but restrict the uploads they can perform in a given period, if you wish
  • Search through large volumes of rich application data quickly, easily and electronically. Cascade can automatically identify candidates with a 2:1 university degree, for instance, and generate results within seconds
  • Ensure a fair and non-discriminatory recruitment process by filtering out applicants’ age, ethnicity and gender, to prove the successful candidate has been selected on the basis of skills and experience alone
  • Convert successful applicants to employees in a single click, and initiate your new starter process, to ensure every HR and payroll task is taken care of
  • Minimise the administrative pressures associated with recruitment, by automating elements of the process, using technology to do the hard work, and encouraging the whole team to follow best practice.


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Concerned about storing prospective employees records and the impact of the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA)? Read our white paper.


Technological advancements mean talent is now more accessible than ever before. So you need to ensure you’re doing your utmost to target, source, select and appoint the best possible candidates for your business, before they go elsewhere.

Cascade’s Online Recruitment software can help you do just that. Capitalising on the ever-increasing use of the internet, we enable you to take control of your hiring process by creating your very own recruitment portal. It’s secure, easy to manage and update, and it integrates seamlessly with Cascade’s ‘back-office’ Recruitment module, for optimum efficiencies. We make it incredibly straightforward for candidates to apply too, which is crucial when the labour market is once more opening up, and numerous organisations are vying for the best quality individuals.


Say you’d like to recruit for a new engineer, for instance. In Cascade’s back-office Recruitment module, you can create the vacancy, write the job specification and add any role-specific questions to an automatically-designed application form. If you’re keen to follow best practice from start to finish, Workflow can also be used to guide you through every step, ensuring nothing is overlooked. Then, when you’re ready, post the opportunity on your Online Recruitment portal, in just one click, and it is instantly available.

When a potential candidate visits your site, they’ll find a hub of rich job vacancy information, in an environment that can have the same look and feel of the rest of your company. For ease of application the individual can quickly upload their CV, and our intuitive software will read the content, using it to begin populating the application form’s key fields. This saves time retyping the information they have already created, and keeps them engaged.

Then, because everything is stored and processed electronically, it is easy for you to search through detailed information sources quickly, no matter how many applications you receive. One client attracted 15,000 applications within the first six months of using Online Recruitment – it was something nobody could have anticipated, but this extreme example proved that Cascade had the capabilities to handle this mammoth task.

In seconds, your software can filter all applicants with a 2:1 degree in engineering, for example. Alternatively you could view all candidates who have previously worked for a competitor. Put simply, otherwise time-intensive sifting tasks can be carried out in practically an instant. And if you want to filter out criteria such as age, ethnicity or gender, we can do that too, to ensure a fair and just selection process.

When you’ve chosen the perfect candidate, the software will automatically reject unsuccessful applicants, and the vacancy will be pulled offline. Then all you need to do is commence your ‘new starter’ process, with the help of Workflow if required. This will ensure the recruit is comprehensively inducted, according to your own company procedure.

Of course, we know our clients face unique challenges when recruiting for their own business, so every scenario will be a little different. But, whatever your requirements, our flexible Online Recruitment tool will help you achieve an effective and efficient recruitment process, enabling your HR team to concentrate on Human Resources, rather than paperwork.

In truth, you don’t need to rely on costly recruitment agencies any longer. You can develop your own successful hiring strategy, with the help of Cascade.

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