Cascade Managed Payroll Service

Cascade's Managed Payroll Services - referred to by many as a comprehensive payroll bureau service - provides peace of mind that dedicated payroll professionals are handling the process for you

A fully managed payroll could help you cut costs, save time and reduce hassle. Add this to Cascade’s award winning HR Software solution and you and your business have a powerful tool set for managing, engaging and getting the very best from your staff.

How does our Managed Payroll Service work?


  • Our highly-qualified in-house payroll experts manage your payroll for you – that’s one less thing for you to worry about
  • You outsource your payroll but still use, have access to, and benefit from as many of our HR software modules as you choose to invest in
  • Everything is centralised at Cascade HR – no duplication means significant time savings, reduced errors and a more efficient process

      • A single supplier provides your HR and Payroll software, and Payroll Bureau/Managed Payroll Service, for consistency of standards and communication
      • Whether you have a software query or a payroll-related question, the buck stops with us – one provider, one point of contact
      • You can rationalise costs without losing control to a third party – this is a fully-integrated solution


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With hundreds of clients, and thousands of users, using our award-winning, fully-integrated HR and Payroll software solution, Cascade offers a solid foundation for any organisation wishing to manage its people effectively and efficiently.

However, some clients wish to outsource their payroll services, without losing the benefits associated with utilising that comprehensive HR and payroll system. That’s why Cascade also offers Managed Payroll Services, referred to by many as a Payroll Bureau service. We take full responsibility for managing your payroll, so you have complete peace of mind that our dedicated CIPP-qualified professionals are handling the process for you. And the result? The accurate and timely remuneration of staff, with every single payroll run, minus the stress!

Here’s what our client Faye Cooper, HR Advisor – Bristol Airport, has to say about our payroll module.


So how does this all work in practice?

Using the intuitive software for which Cascade is renowned, your HR team can still make starter, leaver, salary and post changes, for instance, and employees can still update expenses, overtime and holiday applications for managers to authorise. Then, accurate and up-to-date data can be sent automatically to our in-house payroll experts – via Cascade’s secure encrypted system – before each payroll cut-off date. Then we’ll ensure your staff are paid the right amount, on the right date, and with any necessary deductions, before submitting your PAYE information to HMRC to ensure Real Time Information compliance.

Because our team lives and breathes HR and payroll, clients have utmost reassurance that this potentially complex process is being handled by people who understand the challenges involved. We offer expert advice from start to finish, and can handle the initial payroll set-up, help populate your payroll system and conduct parallel runs before everything becomes fully operational. We can even produce payroll reports prior to each actual run, for you to check and authorise, and we can make online payslips available to your workforce, via Self-Service.

You can consider us a trusted extension of your team, without the risks and headaches often associated with managing payroll yourself. The availability of managed payroll means that whether you have a software query or a payroll-related question, you have a single point of contact.


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Cascade HR is a well-established, award-winning provider of fully-integrated HR and payroll software. The company is renowned as much for its quality of project management and ongoing customer service levels, as it is its dynamic technology. Over 


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